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The Compete Attention 200™-Top 200 On Web

Seth Godin's Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List  is based on traffic to each Web2.0 property. Here is another list of top 200 based on page activity (time spent). We are excited to announce the creation of the Attention 200â„¢, the two hundred sites that yield the largest share of our attention on the web. The Attention Index is based on the amount of time U.S. internet users spend across the top one million websites. The Compete Attention 200â„¢ represents the best of the best each month. Source: Blog » Announcing: The Compete Attention 200â„¢

Web Community Founders In Utter Defiance of the "Venture Capital" Model

Panel discussion moderated by Guy Kawasaki with founders of web startups.  At the CommunityNext conference I moderated this panel with the founders of six very successful web properties: Akash Garg of hi5 Sean Suhl of Suicide Girls Max Levchin of Slide James Hong of HotorNot Markus Frind of PlentyofFish Drew Curtis of Fark Source: How to Change the World: Panel of Web Community Founders: Utter Defiance of the "Venture Capital" Model

Nokia N73 In Blooming Colors

Wow ! What a cool range of colors. Nokia N73 In Blooming Colors Source: Darla Mack: Nokia N73 In Blooming Colors

Top-selling software in 2006: MS Office

There was so much hoopla about how the new Web based Word processors and Spreadsheets like Google Docs/Sheets, Zoho Writer/Sheets.... will kill Microsoft's products. If you believe in the hype, taste this reality byte. Out of all the software sold last year, MS Office tops the list. While many hate to see this, for people who are serious about writing something, a web based word processor/spreadsheet is no match to their desktop application counterparts. Whether they say it or not, there is a reason why most bloggers use a desktop client to post their blogs, almost never touching their webbased counterparts.   Web2.0 Office productivity apps are great. But not for everybody. Read this link: » Top-selling software in 2006: MS Office, TurboTax, Norton Internet Security, Quickbooks | IT Facts |

Smartphone shipments up 30% in Q4 2006

There are quite a few reasons why I believe Smart Phones are the future . And here are few stats that shows how smartphone market is growing.  Also, These days almost every phone shipped has atleast a camera and MP3 player on them.   Global shipments of all smart mobile devices rose 30% YTY in Q4 2006 to hit 22 mln. 18 mln were smart phones, 2.5 mln wireless handhelds and 1.5 mln handhelds. Total smart mobile device shipments for 2006 were 77 mln, of which 64 mln were smart phones. Nokia remains market leader in Q4, accounting for 50% of all shipments. RIM returns to second place, with device shipments rising 54% YTY in the quarter. Sony Ericsson gets back into top five for the first time since early 2004. Combined shipments of smart phones and wireless handhelds (”converged devices”) were up 42%. But handheld shipments fell 41% compared to Q4 2005. Source: » Smartphone shipments up 30% in Q4 2006 | IT Facts |

Pictures from DemocampDallas

I thought of blogging about the conference immediately after the conference that night, but a series of 'fortunate' and pleasant events took place that night left me with no time to blog all along. This was my first conference of any kind that involves energetic entrepreneurs showcasing their creations and networking with fellow entrepreneurs. It was totally very thrilling to be just there watching them.  Thanks a ton DemoCamp Dallas. Here are few glimpses at DemocampDallas One  by giovanni gallucci of the application that I presented, the prototype was working with very minimal features and has very lean, I must admit it was less than skeletal interface and has no logo or name on it.   Looking at the presentation on the screen.. Top of the application interface, showing my sandbox url as well.. Showing clips of a selected media file.. Full snapshot of the application screen.. First version of MP3 media player I built .. Source : DemocampDallas One  by giovan


  "A first step to creating a winning ecosystem is to start thinking and talking about entrepreneurship; to test and exercise your creativity; and to get more people to care and to join. So participate in the awareness campaigns being run in the E week." Link to :: Welcome - NEN Online - ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK INDIA - FEB 24 - MAR 03, 2007:: Technorati tags: india , entrepreneur , startup , NEN , techtribe

DemoCampDallas - 15th Feb, 07

Finally some activity right in Dallas. Read about Barcamp a year ago in Dallas and have been waiting to see the next one. Supposedly a lightweight version of barcamp. All 5 slots for demos are gone, but if I get a minute some how I would like to show my Mclips to folks out there.  I am pretty excited about it; it is my first conference of any kind. A DemoCamp is a lighter-weight style of un-conference. A DemoCamp lasts only a few hours on a weekday evening. Unlike a BarCamp , you don't have to present. You are welcome to come along and give feedback to the people who do (or just watch and absorb if you don't feel like talking). Demos should have roughly a 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demonstration, and 5 minutes for questions. 15 minutes total. There are 5 presentation slots available, signups will (eventually) be below on this page. Source: BarCamp / DemoCampDallas1 Technorati tags: democampdallas , dallas , inspions

16% of Americans have a 3G Phone, but only 10% actually use it

And Consumers in America are more likely to look for more features in a cell phone. Some Interesting facts.. In the US, 16% of mobile phone users have handsets with 3G technology, but only 10% of those users make use of the 3G functionality. Globally, 20% of consumers have 3G capabilities, with only 9% of users taking advantage of the enhanced service. TNS Global Technology Insights reports that US consumers, when compared to consumers around the world, are more likely to look for mobile phones with features such as a still camera (42% versus 35%), mobile Internet (19% versus 12%), email (22% versus 12%), and mobile gaming (13% versus 7%) when making their next phone purchase. Generally, 40 to 50% of US consumers who use mobile TV, electronic banking, on-line gaming, location services and subscription services use them daily. This compares to 20 to 25% daily usage for the rest of the world. Source: > > IT Facts

Nokia India Announces Nokia Nseries Mobile Film Awards

Shoot Videos with Nokia N-Series phones and Show The Director in You. Exclusive now for Indian Nokia fans. Nokia India has announced the Nokia Nseries Mobile Film Awards in association with Subhash Ghai's Whistling Woods International, the renowned film training institute, and Mediamatics Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Aimed at unleashing the 'movie maker in everyone', the initiative is targeted at young, up-and-coming filmmakers in the country. Nokia Nseries Mobile Film Awards invites aspiring participants above 18 years of age to shoot a mobile film using their mobile phones in categories of fiction and non-fiction. The contest starts on 18th February, 2007 and ends on 12th March, 2007. Participation steps for Nokia Nseries Mobile Film Awards: - Entry forms can be downloaded from or The forms are also available at Nokia Nseries Mobile Film Awards Roadshows and select retail outlets, details of which are available at above URLs.

Samsung launches mobile tracker in India

Track your Mobile if lost and save lives using emergency SMS, are two key features of new Samsung phones launched in India. Samsung Telecommunications India Ltd. announced the launch of its range of secured phones SGH-C140, SGH-X520 and SGH-E250 in India. The technology boasts revolutionary security features like mobile tracker, emergency SMS and privacy lock in slider, clamshell and bar form factors, these phones transcends the current market offering by empowering consumer's security during mobility. Mobile Tracker helps consumers to track their lost phone. Emergency SMS acts as personal bodyguard and alerts close relatives or friends about his distress or emergency situations. Privacy lock protects the data, photos, voice memo, multimedia messages, images and sound stored in the phone from intrusion. Source:'s Digital Edge: Samsung launches mobile tracker

M'Paper in India

Read News papers right on your mobile phone in India. Pressmart and IMImobile today announced the availability of "mPaper". This unique collaborative technology will enable news publishers an opportunity to tap the fastest growing mobile mass market of young and technology savvy subscribers who wish to read news and access their favorite newspaper content while on the move. mPaper opens a new window of opportunity for content publishers as well as news carriers to offer newspapers on a mobile screen in their original format. To begin, nine major operators from India and other nations will offer this serivce over WAP portals for their customers. The mPaper is unique, it offers features like archives, search & saving news reports and will be available on a monthly subscription. The New Media Delivery Platform(tm) enables a managed delivery service to publications that value the velocity and dynamism of Web 2.0 space without losing their print identity on WAP-compliant ha

What Is Web 2.0?

Must reads, ofcourse. What Is Web 2.0? Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software   Excerpts of - Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices by John Musser with Tim O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Radar Team  (PDF) Source: O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0

Client-Side Web Architecture and Graceful Degradation

Lots of us (software developers) are tempted to develop a web application that can be opened on literally any browser and yet with a rich ajax-ian user interface, without considering the target audience and business limitations. This blog post articulates various constraints and offers some excellent real world examples (Gmail, Amazon and 37signals) to consolidate what is better and why. Excellent insights. Not all browsers have the same capabilities; however, for various reasons, we want our web pages to exploit the cool new technology that modern browsers enable but still have the web pages work in old browsers. We use graceful degradation techniques so the pages work in all browsers. Source: Peter's Blog - Client-Side Web Architecture and Graceful Degradation

Scalable Web Architectures

  Scalable Web Architectures (w/ Ruby and Amazon S3) From: jboutelle , 2 months ago, Source: Scalable Web Architectures (w/ Ruby and Amazon S3) » Slideshare

Grady Booch: The Promise. The Limits and The Beauty of Software

A must watch if you love software and love to be a Software developer. If you are neither, watch it anyways, I bet you will fall in love with Software. 25 Jan 2007 Technology - Information Professional, 9th Annual Turing Lecture - Grady Booch, IBM The Promise The Limits and the Beauty of Software Lecturer: Grady Booch, IBM >> play broadcast Source: IET.TV - Information Professional

Less is More. Cars with Optional Brakes

Less is More. So does cars with optional brakes (:-)) has some interesting ideas about which features on a car are optional… Optional brakes? That certainly is a Bold Move . Source: Optional brakes? - (37signals)

India Rising - BBC Special Reports

BBC is airing a week long special programming on India. May be they are trying to understand, just like the rest of the world, how India could really do it against all odds. I like the thought of BBC doing some special for India, but as I always like to say about BBC, take it with a pinch of salt.  Because there is so much not told in any media about India. Every time I read a news story or a report on India, I always see vivid visuals of both extremes, leaving What really India is about in the middle uncovered. I don't think any media, particularly none of the foreign media, never ever can understand what truly India is all about and how it works amid utter choas. May be thats an advantage. No nation can possibly emulate it. But well, I made my point. Take it with a open mind about what a misunderstanding put it in a color picture will look like. If you wanna find the real picture, better live there for a while to truly experience it. Its totally different than what you possibly