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Writing a Book Using Mobile

Writing a book on a mobile phone? You may think, one must be crazy to type the whole book on a tiny key pad on a mobile phone. Well, people get inspired from different things and get creative in their own ways. These days, often, Mobile phones are becoming integral parts of those expressions. Here is a book that is entirely typed on a mobile phone. Sounds crazy? Feeling your fingers??  The book is 384 Pages and is completely in italian. Italian author, Roberto Bernocco has published a 384-page novel using the keypad on his mobile phone.  His book "Compagni di Viaggio" (Traveling Companion) was created in 17 weeks and was inspired his travels commuting back and forth to work. When I asked Mr. Bernocco what device and methods he used he had this to say: "I used Nokia 6630 with Notepad program and Nokia PC Suite to transfer text onto Open Office Writer program." Excellent work!!!! Compagni di Viaggio is available (in Italian only) on and is also availa

The Phone of the Future : iPhone and Nokia N95

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Heroes From a Small Planet Film Festival: Social Entrepreneurs Videos

Want to be inspired? Check out this collection of videos about social entrepreneurs from around the world. It’s called the FRONTLINE/World series. Here’s a description:   “…we have searched for stories about people who innovate in ways that truly transform our interconnected world. This special site will feature the stories of people whose ideas and organizations create new and sustainable markets and services that benefit underserved communities everywhere in the developing world. In a nutshell, these are stories about individuals whose ideas leap beyond charity to find systemic solutions to poverty, education, health and social justice.” ( | Via RSS Feed | Link to Article | )

Steve Jobs' Presentation from AWDC

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Bill Gates, Steve Jobs And The Difference

I always observed a huge contrast between the way Bill Gates and Steve Jobs present. While I enjoyed and watched Steve Job's presentation in full and many times more than once, I have never completed a Bill Gate's presentation so far. I had difficulty understanding Bill Gates. I found his thoughts to be too abstract and his speech very monotonous. Steve Jobs however speaks in a very engaging fashion and in very simple words and great visuals.  I found a blog post that compares the contrasting styles that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates uses in thier presentations, that might explain the reasons for my bias. Gates and Jobs: lessons in contrasts Take a look at some of the typical visuals used by Steve Jobs and those used by Bill Gates. As you look at them and compare them, try doing so while being mindful of the key concepts behind the traditional Zen aesthetic. Above. Does it get more "Zen" than this? "Visual-Zen Master," Steve Jobs, allows the screen to fade c