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How Leap Year Brought Down Windows Azure Cloud Services

So finally, its the Leap year that brought down the Windows Azure Cloud services. The root cause behind the Windows Azure Outage was found to be a simple Leap day bug.  Read more on Windows Azure blog here . When the GA creates the transfer certificate, it gives it a one year validity range. It uses midnight UST of the current day as the  valid-from  date and one year from that date as the valid-to  date. The leap day bug is that the GA calculated the  valid-to  date by simply taking the current date and adding one to its year. That meant that any GA that tried to create a transfer certificate on leap day set a  valid-to  date of February 29, 2013, an invalid date that caused the certificate creation to fail. Source : Windows Azure Blog   Isn't it a brighter spot of the whole issue that Microsoft got 4 years to fix the root cause of the issue :-))

Happy Holi from Varanasi

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Happy Holi

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Video : Guru Brahma, listen to it the delightful way

Download Audio: This video is what happens when you have a jam session with a traditional sanskrit sloka. Appropriately, Guru Purnima was just last week! A big thanks to the great musicians who contributed to this video. Be sure to check out their channels!