India Rising - BBC Special Reports

BBC is airing a week long special programming on India. May be they are trying to understand, just like the rest of the world, how India could really do it against all odds. I like the thought of BBC doing some special for India, but as I always like to say about BBC, take it with a pinch of salt. 

Because there is so much not told in any media about India. Every time I read a news story or a report on India, I always see vivid visuals of both extremes, leaving What really India is about in the middle uncovered. I don't think any media, particularly none of the foreign media, never ever can understand what truly India is all about and how it works amid utter choas. May be thats an advantage. No nation can possibly emulate it.

But well, I made my point. Take it with a open mind about what a misunderstanding put it in a color picture will look like. If you wanna find the real picture, better live there for a while to truly experience it. Its totally different than what you possibly hear, see or been told.

Indian girl

India is home to one sixth of the world's population, and is poised to overtake Japan as the world's third largest economy. But as its burgeoning middle-class become increasingly consumer-orientated, are traditional values being eroded?

A week of special programming from the BBC World Service goes under the skin of contemporary India, examining the political, cultural, economic, religious, cultural and scientific landscapes of this vast country. As India rises, we ask: who is being left behind?

The season runs from Saturday 3 February to Sunday 11 February 2007.

Source: BBC World Service | India Rising


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