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India has still a long way to go

The Rediff Interview with Michael Porter, head, Strategy Insititute, Harvard with title 'India still has a long way to go' by Manjari Raman posted on December 29, 2004 at More than one way he says, that Indians are good, but India as a business environment is not (yet). "Indians come to the US and they thrive! They build great companies, they're global. Isn't that a wonderful metaphor for what we are talking about?" "Although the Indian business environment is improving in multiple respects, it has some fundamental weaknesses. Number one, the capital markets remain relatively weak and undeveloped. Number two, the physical infrastructure is abysmally ranked." "Indian firms face a really compelling logistical disadvantage over companies in China in terms of getting goods and services to market. But the most pernicious problems in India--which are still not being confronted head-on - are the pervasive

Indian product firms arrive globally

This article highlights some of the Indian Born product ventures, that received global acclaim. It is still a long way to go, but this proves the path taken is in the right direction. "Tejas Networks and Ittiam Systems joined the global technology products big league by finding takers for their offerings. Subex Systems moved alongside the Indian product lone ranger i-flex in the financial space to leveraging its global acquisitions and arrive in the mature markets." Article posted at

Hyderabad would steal the thunder from Bangalore and Mumbai as an IT destination by 2010

Posting at IT's still happening in Andhra Hyderabad, December 30, 2004 Brand Hyderabad finally arrived in style on the IT map of the country in 2004. Three big ticket happenings towards the end of the year confirmed the credentials that the city had slowly been building up as a preferred destination for IT investments, software and hardware, in the country.

IITs - Where are they in Academic Rankings of World Universities 2004

Not long ago, some businessman compared IITs with the MIT and went on to say IITs are better than all the BEST in US combined. Sounds foolish. But most of the Media made it sink in the thoughts of many Indians as truth. Some reality check, see if they can find where are IITs in the Academic Rankings of World Universities 2004 ? Possible they can also give an equally proud explanation. Not a single Indian university ranks among the top 100 institutions in the world, according to a recent compilation for the year 2004 by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Institute of Higher Education Country wide rankings at In the top 100 Asian universities however, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IIT Kharagpur, and University of Calcutta made it to the list.

C/C++ Articles & References

C/C++ Articles & References that I have recently visited: The C++ Source Boost Libraries ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment) Guru Of The Week Inform IT C/C++ User Journal Cetus Links Design Patterns - Tutorials Bjarne Stroustrup Home Page

C++ Template Compilation Model

Inclusion Model : Complete source code for Template functions will be available in the header files. This is because, the template functions are compiled at the user end for a type specified by the user. This need source code for the template function, hence all the template functions are always included in the header file itself. This is the only portable way available. Most STL libraries are available in header files. Alternately, the functions will be defined in a source file and the source file will be included in the headerfile ( achieves partial seperation of interface from implementation), but still the code in these source file will be compiled only at the user end. Major problem, not for all, is that source is exposed. Export Model or Seperation Model: To avoid this problem of templates having to be present in the headerfiles, the C++ standard introduced a template compilation model with a keyword "export". But looks like, this has not been successfully implemented

Vivek Paul of Wipro in TIME/CNN Global Business Influentials 2004

Vivek Paul, vice chairman and president of IT major Wipro Technologies, has been profiled by Time magazine and CNN in their global list of influential business leaders for 2004. The two media giants featured Paul, in the list of "Global Business Influentials" for 2004. The list is in honour of a new breed of leaders who have redefined the way business is done, with innovative management strategies, a commitment to transparency, accountability and even helping change society along the way. Posting at

Virtel named finalist in Light Reading's "Best New Service, Private Company" Awards Category

Virtela, founded by Vab Goel(Chairman & CEO), has been named a finalist in the "Best New Service, Private Company" category of Light Reading's ( inaugural Leading Lights telecommunications industry awards program. The Leading Lights recognize top public and private companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in the telecommunications industry. Nearly 300 companies submitted entries for the Leading Lights awards, with finalists determined by the editors and analysts of Light Reading. The final winners of the Leading Lights awards will be announced on December 15, 2004 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, following Light Reading's Telecom Investment Conference. News posted at

Promod Haque and Vinod Khosla on Top spots in Forbes Midas List 2004

Promod Haque won the top spot of the Forbes Midas List 2004, surpassing 2003 No.1 Vinod Khosla. Vinod Khosla is at No.2 of the Top Ten.

Airtel, first in the world to screen a full-length movie on mobile

"Airtel will premier Arindam Chaudhary's film Rok Sako To Rok Lo on its multi-access entertainment portal Airtel Live on December 9 at 1500 hrs in 10 circles covering Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Mumbai." "Premiering a full length movie on mobile represents Airtel's latest initiative to usher in a new era of technological innovation to redefine the mobile experience of all our customers, Airtel Mobile Services Director-Mobility and Group Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Atul Bindal said in a statement here. " News Posted at

Ferrari F1 Racing Engine will be Designed in India

TCS has won a outsourcing project from Ferrari to design its flag ship F1 racing engine. Another feather in the Cap for Indian techies in proving their intensive expertise in technology, along with extensive domain skill sets. "Cutting-edge solutions delivered with speed and precision and the constant search for excellence and innovation have led to a deal between the makers of the world's fastest and most famous red car and Asia's largest software company." - News postings at

Three Indian firms won 'The Deming Application Prize 2004 '

Three Indian firms won the prestigeous Deming Application Prize for year 2004. Indo Gulf Fertilisers Limited (Aditya Birla Group), Lucas-TVS Limited (TVS group) and SRF Limited, Industrial Synthetics Business won this years The Deming Application Prize, awarded by Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.

Vijaya among 5 International InfoStars by Dialog

Vijaya K. Sundaram of Cairn Energy India Pvt Ltd designated as one of the "International InfoStars" by Dialog. As part of its worldwide Quantum2 training and career development services for information professionals, Dialog each year recognises a select group of individuals from around the world as International InfoStars. (Separate awards are given to North American InfoStars.) The awards are given to people whose creativity and innovation are inspirational to others in the information field. News item posted at

Infosys won Global MAKE award 2004

Infosys Technologies (Nasdaq:INFY) has won the prestigious Global MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises) award, for the year 2004. Infosys won the award for the second time in a row, and remains the only Indian company to have ever been named a Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise. The MAKE programme is administered by Teleos, an independent Knowledge Management Research Company. A panel of Global Fortune 500 senior executives and internationally recognized knowledge management experts chose the 2004 Global MAKE Winners. The panel rated organizations against a framework of eight key knowledge performance dimensions, which are the visible drivers of competitive advantage. The winners of the 7th annual Global MAKE study, conducted by Teleos in association with The KNOW Network, are (in alphabetical order): Accenture,, BP, Buckman Laboratories, Dell Computer, Ernst & Young, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Infosys Technologies, Intel, McKinsey & Company, M

ringback tones - Can they be next killer app?

When ring tones were initially conceived almost every big telecom provider said NO, and when they were introduced in Japan and Korea, they became a super hit and every vendor followed the suit to catchup. And ring tones became killer app for 2003 in revenue(value added services). Now Korea introduced ring-back tones and it became hit in korea and every body is trying to follow the suit hoping it will become killer app for 2005. Verizon & T-Mobile are introducing in US. Don't know if it is already introduced in India. For a sample Implementation n/w diagram, look in this file. Some news & analysis regarding at forbes