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Google Wave : Totally Immersive And Mind Blowing

Watch this Developer Preview of Google Waves, an amazing, totally mind blowing new collaboration (I hate to use this cliché word) toolset from the designers of Google Maps. What you know about Google today, will change forever. Wow!!! A totally immersive collaboration tool, that redefines collaboration, may be, forever.  If this is what can be called collaboration, then all collaboration tools I have ever seen were just nothing. I can’t wait to start using Google Wave. Whole world has been clamoring for a new ‘Killer App’ that would topple or at least give some competition to Google. But I guess, I can say now that it is practically impossible to beat Google . In its mind blowing Products and intuitive Interfaces delivered at an amazing pace of innovation. You better buy Google stock now or you can afford never !

India : IT and ITeS : 4 Million Jobs By 2015 ??

Indian IT and ITeS Industry Presentation 010709 View more Microsoft Word documents from Nimish Adani . Many times I find ‘people’ (:-everybody except me) overrate the impact of IT on India. And of course, Entrepreneurs and developments in the rest of the Indian industry doesn’t get the attention and limelight they truly deserve.  Even though, latest figures suggest IT and ITeS (will) provide employment to a meager 4 Million Indians (by 2015), many ‘people’ still think the I in India is unequivocally meant IT (+ITeS). No wonder, Entrepreneurship is often confused as creating a software startup.

Entrepreneurial India : 43% Self-Employed in Mumbai

  One recent survey found the 43 percent of urban Indians who worked were self-employed. By contrast, there is no metropolitan area in the United States with a self-employment rate above 11 percent. Unfortunately, India’s high entrepreneurship rate is still something of a puzzle. I suspect that it reflects both good things about the country, like energy and intelligence, and bad things, like a maze of regulations that make it difficult to build large companies that follow the rules. Source: NYTimes : Economix

153 Hours of TV per Month and The Million Dollars You Could Have Made Otherwise

  The recent results of Nielsen’s Three Screen Report - a quarterly analysis from Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement initiative (A2/M2) - show that the average American watches approximately 153 hours of TV every month at home, a 1.2% increase from last year. In addition, the 131 million Americans who watch video on the Internet watch on average about 3 hours of video online each month at home and work. Source: Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement initiative (A2/M2) If we get little bit materialistic ... Even at the bare minimum of $5 per an hour, and extremely materialistic view that ignores the pleasure and joy of watching TV and replace with money you could have earned if you had spent that time in doing something,  that is $765 per month. Consider other costs of watching TV : An article put the cost of TV, Cable, Movie rentals and money you would spend after so positively influenced by TV Advertisements at $700 per month. If you add both, the m

Engineering Greener Designs : China’s Example

At first look, it struck to me like an Engineering marvel and epitome of architectural expression of China’s creativity. But there is lot more to this magnificent building than just amazing aesthetics.  For one, Going green is not an afterthought but an integral part of design and engineering. The beautiful arch is in fact array of solar cells. The building is built with 88% energy efficiency. Wow !! The Sun-Moon Mansion, Himin Solar Energy's headquarters in Dezhou (Source: BusinessWeek ) More about the mansion here .   Sun-Moon Mansion is the main conference hall of the 4 th International solar city conference in 2010. The building, covering an area of 750,000m², functions display, R&D, working, meeting, training, hotel, recreation, etc. It adopts solar technologies on hot water supplying, heating and cooling, PV power generation, etc, which breaks phenomenon of tremendous conventional energy consumption. Perfectly combining solar applications with co

Andhra Elections Coverage: TV9 one inch up in Technology

TV9’s smart use of Microsoft Windows Surface in analyzing election results.