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Google Chrome OS : OS for The WEB, Only The Web

Google Chrome , the fastest browser in the world was created by one simple thought. How do you design a browser knowing what and how we are using the browser NOW and in the days to come. Unlike improving on a browser that was created at the early stages of web. So, without a doubt, Google Chrome is the fastest of all when it comes to doing what a browser is supposed to do, browse the web. We have recently watched another amazing web application from Google, called Google Wave . A radically intuitive collaboration system designed with similar line of thought, ‘how do you design an email if you have to design it today’. Now Google is extending this thought to something big, really BIG. The thought is ‘how do you design an OS knowing what and how people are using it’. Quite unequivocally, the answer is ‘mostly’ web again.  Web is the core of everything we do on a computer. So why not create a OS that just does that. And nothing else. So it could be fastest, most secure and probabl

SOLAR IMPULSE : Around The World In A SOLAR Plane

  In a world depending on fossil energies, the Solar Impulse project is a paradox, almost a provocation: it aims to have an airplane take off and fly autonomously, day and night, propelled uniquely by solar energy, right round the world without fuel or pollution . An unachievable goal without pushing back the current technological limits in all fields. - The Challenge of SOLAR IMPULSE