Top-selling software in 2006: MS Office

There was so much hoopla about how the new Web based Word processors and Spreadsheets like Google Docs/Sheets, Zoho Writer/Sheets.... will kill Microsoft's products. If you believe in the hype, taste this reality byte. Out of all the software sold last year, MS Office tops the list. While many hate to see this, for people who are serious about writing something, a web based word processor/spreadsheet is no match to their desktop application counterparts.

Whether they say it or not, there is a reason why most bloggers use a desktop client to post their blogs, almost never touching their webbased counterparts.  

Web2.0 Office productivity apps are great. But not for everybody.

Read this link: » Top-selling software in 2006: MS Office, TurboTax, Norton Internet Security, Quickbooks | IT Facts |


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