Smartphone shipments up 30% in Q4 2006

There are quite a few reasons why I believe Smart Phones are the future. And here are few stats that shows how smartphone market is growing.  Also, These days almost every phone shipped has atleast a camera and MP3 player on them.  

Global shipments of all smart mobile devices rose 30% YTY in Q4 2006 to hit 22 mln. 18 mln were smart phones, 2.5 mln wireless handhelds and 1.5 mln handhelds. Total smart mobile device shipments for 2006 were 77 mln, of which 64 mln were smart phones. Nokia remains market leader in Q4, accounting for 50% of all shipments. RIM returns to second place, with device shipments rising 54% YTY in the quarter. Sony Ericsson gets back into top five for the first time since early 2004. Combined shipments of smart phones and wireless handhelds (”converged devices”) were up 42%. But handheld shipments fell 41% compared to Q4 2005.

Source: » Smartphone shipments up 30% in Q4 2006 | IT Facts |


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