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Tweets: Agile leaders reconvene at Snowbird

Dan North ( @tastapod ) 2/8/11 5:38 AM  "Agile leaders reconvene at Snowbird" #10yrsagile

Tweeds : Design, problem and the solution

Aza Raskin ( @azaaza ) 2/7/11 6:06 PM Design is as much about iterating understanding of the problem as it is the solution. Your first attempt at both will be wrong.

Tweets : Restoring the trust : Agile and Software craftsmanship

Andy Hunt ( @PragmaticAndy ) 2/7/11 4:36 PM Uncle Bob talks about the agile manifesto and craftsmanship movements

Exporting PowerPoint slides as hiDef images

Jon Galloway ( @jongalloway ) 2/7/11 7:19 PM Exporting PowerPoint slides as high resolution images requires a registry edit (but unlocks an achievement).

The Disastrous End Of Praja Rajyam Party

News broke out a year back that Chiranjeevi will merge with Congress and kill his brain child, Praja Rajyam Party. But they completely rejected the idea saying that it was a rumour. Now it is official. Praja Rajyam Party is now officially DEAD. The END. It merges with Congress party, as Chiranjeevi and his 18 odd leaders think that Congress suddenly became a great political party and share their views and beliefs. Why? Why Now? You must be kidding if you are still wondering. What a big drama for the last three years in the name of …. what a crap. Forget about it.

What is Important to Learn To Win In This Internet Powered Smart Phone Driven Flat World

What is really important to learn to first survive, then compete and ultimately win in this Internet powered Smart Phone driven Flat world ?   Here is a great video that puts this question in the context of learning "Math" at schools. Key question asked in this video is Should we continue to spend a great deal of time in learning how to 'calculate' or should we focus more on conceptualizing and formulating problems and using computers to perform computations. The argument the author makes is that we MUST do the later and at the earliest possible. If you understand the argument, you can easily replace "math" with any thing in the world or any branch of science for that matter. The argument still makes a sound and very important case. In fact, if you realize, this is NOTHING new. We have been redefining continuously what we need to learn and how we learn throughout the period of evolution. The resistance and incredibility are just part of that evolution. J

Microsoft MIX : Why can’t they offer RSS Feed?

I don’t know why? Majority of conferences organized by and around Microsoft Technologies, DO NOT offer RSS Feeds of their sessions and videos. For some mysterious reasons. Instead the sites offer a ridiculously tedious and stupid interface to subscribe/download session videos. It is supposedly a conference of UX Experts. “MIX is a gathering of developers, designers, UX experts and business professionals creating the most innovative and profitable consumer sites on the web.” - But when you want to watch or download session videos, there is NO RSS FEED. Instead here is what they want you to do: If you’d like to download all of the keynote and session content, download a recent build of cURL (~250K), and extract it to your folder-of-choice. Then, download (1.39KB) and extract the MIX10Downloader.bat file to the same folder. From a command prompt, start MIX10Downloader by passing it one of the following parameters: WMVHIGH, WMV, MP4, PP