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Cricket : $1.5billion in bets on India Pakistan semifinal match

So much money on betting on the match, probably not good for the game itself. In fact, The Economic  Times is reporting that the international  gambling industry collectively has more than $1.5 billion riding on tonight's match between India and Pakistan in the World Cup semi finals. (Sent from Flipboard )

Startup Visa Is dead already??

If the startup visa is tied to comprehensive immigration bill, then I guess we can forget it for now. Startup Visa D.O.A., and Startup America Just a Giant Press Release? (Via Flipboard )

Tweets : The Media & Jounalists

Karthika ( @KarthikaM ) 3/27/11 10:53 AM It's funny that all journalists complain about the #media being in perpetual campaign mode -- as if this 'media' were someone else.

Video: How Startups Can Take Advantage of The Bubble

Om Malik ( @om ) 3/28/11 12:30 AM Video: How Startups Can Take Advantage of The Bubble

Tweets : US Competitiveness Chief Immelt's GE Tax Bill: $0

Slashdot ( @slashdot ) 3/28/11 12:18 AM US Competitiveness Chief Immelt's GE Tax Bill: $0

Layoffs : I Wish, There is a better way to bid farewell

This last Thursday was a sad day in many ways. May be it was just hard business reality to let some of our team members go. I am afraid, at some point if not necessarily today, it could be just any of us. But the way these layoffs are done and the way we treat those who got laid off isn't fair. We as a team have been working with them for years on the product. We all together have amassed a wealth of knowledge about the product. We learned so much from each other. We all worked as a team in every aspect. And at a personal level to each team member, it is Years of friendships, camaraderie and teamwork. Some of them have worked on the very product much longer than those of us who are still in the team, survived. But when it was time to let some of us go, we let them go as if they mean nothing to the rest of the team. As a team, its not fair. I wish we had a team meeting to thank them, share their reflections, learnings and wish them good luck as a team. I wish we had planned to spen

Just For Fun : India’s Super Computer

This is a T-shirt I bought almost 10 years ago that depicts the Lord Ganesha as India’s super computer. It was so much fun wearing it then as it used to grab everybody’s attention. And in my recent trip, I recovered it and wore again yesterday. It grabbed everybody’s attention as usual. Look at the mighty RAM he got. 256MB RAM.  Well it was quite a bit of RAM 10 years back. Thanks to Harish for taking a quick snap and sharing it. The iPhone he used got lot more power and memory than one the best computers of that time. That says it all. I guess, I should pull out all my T’s with messages and post it. May be myself and those around me that time could relive some of those wonderful moments.

Startup Visa : New Contents; Better Options

The new proposal called “Startup Visa Act of 2011” is a whole lot better than the current one and looks quite promising for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can read the full text of the bill here. Here is something that is most relevant to those who are already in US either working on H1B or just completed their studies: Immigrant entrepreneurs currently living and working inside the U.S. on an unexpired H-1B visa; OR immigrant entrepreneurs currently in the U.S. who have completed a graduate level degree in science, technology, engineering, math, computer science, or other relevant academic discipline from an accredited United States college, university, or other institution of higher education would be eligible for a StartUp Visa if… -    They demonstrate annual income of not less than roughly $30,000 or the possession of assets of not less than roughly $60,000; and -    Have proven that a qualified U.S. investor agrees to financially back their entrepreneurial venture with a minim

Berkshire Hathaway To Sell Auto Insurance In India

1-800-1800-800 is the number to call if you want to buy Auto Insurance in India. Have you seen any easier toll-free number?  That’s the number of Berkshire Insurance . That’s right. It’s the same Berkshire you are thinking of. Berkshire as in Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway is all set to start selling Auto Insurance in India as a corporate agent for Bajaj Allianz. Warren Buffet is going to Delhi, India for a special event on 25th of March, 2011. One unique aspect of Berkshire Insurance is that it will sell auto policies Online and over phone only. And their toll-free number is the most easiest to remember : 1-800-1800-800. Anybody is already reading between the lines of Warren Buffet’s entry into India?

Don’t Wait To Be A Hero

Don’t Wait To Be A Hero. You may not get a chance to be a Hero everyday, but there are ample opportunities to change somebody’s life, may be forever.  What a great message, told in such a simpler words. Link to TED talk .

USCIS : H-1B Cap Exemptions For Institutes of Higher Education

H1Bs applied by Institutes of Higher Education and their affiliates will now be exempted from the H1B Numerical cap limits. "USCIS announced today, in response to recent stakeholder feedback, that it is currently reviewing its policy on H-1B cap exemptions for non-profit entities that are related to or affiliated with an institution of higher education. Until further guidance is issued, USCIS is temporarily applying interim procedures to H-1B non-profit entity petitions filed with the agency seeking an exemption from the statutory H-1B numerical cap based on an affiliation with or relation to an institution of higher education." Read the  update .