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Chip design? India's hot! Articles Chip design? India's hot! Dinakar S in New Delhi | June 15, 2005 Chip design? India's hot!

India's super-mileage car wins global awards

The super-mileage car developed by the students of the Delhi College of Engineering has bagged two awards in the world competition for its design and team spirit. The concept car has received two awards namely 'Best Aerodynamic Car Design' and 'Best Team Spirit'. News posting at Delhi students make supermileage car News Posting at

India's productivity advantage

Very thought provoking and comforting discussion by Andy Mukherjee on India's Productivity advantage over other counter parts in the oursourcing industry. This discussion comforts the Indians at large and techies in particular, especially when the question is raised over near-escalating costs of salaries for Indian biggies and other countries fast catching up on the outsourcing dreams. He points out that indians' productivity and quality of research would come to rescue in keeping the competetors at bay and reminds that India had already around 44% market share. I agree that cost alone will not be a factor in deciding the outsourcing factor any longer and India is positioned in a much better position to offer high tech research and value added solutions. Read the Commentary at By Andy Mukherjee Bloomberg News

India develops First Ever Nuke reprocessing technology

First time in the world, IGCAR ( The Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research ) has successfully reprocessed the spent Fast Breeder Test Reactor (FBTR) plutonium-rich carbide fuel for nuclear power generation. This is very significant as it might help India and the world conserve nuclear energy resources. News posting at

India breaks into top league

News posted at : " India breaks into top league In an extraordinary updating of history, London's mayor has boldly gone where the Grand Old Man of India once went before, by reversing Dadabhai Naoroji's 1901 theory of the drain of wealth from the Ganges to the Thames. Now, says mayor Ken Livingstone in a new report due out on Monday night, there is a constant and cheering mutually-beneficial flow of wealth from the Ganges to the Thames with Indian foreign direct investment in the British capital second only to that of the US. Livingstone's report, titled somewhat cheekily From the Ganges to the Thames, says London was the destination for 55 of 119 Indian FDI projects in Europe between 1997 and 2004. It represents a remarkable rise from a grand total of just five Indian FDI projects in 1997. The report, commissioned by the mayor to reflect the altered reality of voluntary Indian contribution to the British econ

India Inc sheds traditional image

To compete in this new world of competition, it pays to change the organizations' identity. Be its logo, advertising, product packaging or its product line itself, it helps to a greater extent. It is not so uncommon that most of the successful organizations change their logo, caption and brand identity world wide. But it is quite a refreshing change to see the otherwise traditional and conservative India Inc is doing. Hope to see more following the suit. Every now and then wearing a new hat may change the outlook too. News story posted at "New Delhi: No longer the fuddy-duddy image for India Inc. To keep up with globalisation, many Indian corporates are shedding their years-old identity and going in for the younger, sleeker look. Not only in their products and packaging, but even company logos, colours and tag lines have been subjected to an extensive branding makeover. Ninety-seven year old Bank of Baroda has replaced its bl