NDTV.Com’s Another Twisted Title : ‘have learnt from Aam Admi Party, says Rahul gandhi’

This was the first time, I got confused and started questioning NDTV.com’s sensationalism agenda behind twisting titles of their news stories.

This was on the day Delhi Assembly election results were announced. The NDTV.com story title said : “Assembly election 2013: have learnt from Aam Aadmi Party, says Rahul Gandhi”.   However, content later in the article says it differently :

"The Aam Aadmi Party involved a lot of non-traditional people and we will learn from that...and will better it in a way you cannot imagine," Mr Gandhi said


I have watched the video multiple times, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Here is the actual choice of words Rahul Gandhi used.

[04:07] “I think, I think the Aam Admi Party has involved a lot of people, who the traditional parties did not involve. We are going to learn from that and we are going to do a better job than anybody in the country and involve people in ways that you can not even imagine right now.” 

Source : NDTV.com

There is a lot of difference, I think, between, ‘have learnt’ and ‘we are going to learn from that’. Some may say, well, it meant the same meaning. I don’t think so. Words are very powerful and Journalists know that. They twisted them deliberately.

Isn’t the primary responsibility of Journalism to quote the exact words? instead of paraphrasing to their convenience and biases?

If you don’t believe, try rephrasing the title with the exact words of Rahul Gandhi and see for yourself.


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