H1B 2008:USCIS released Preliminary Numbers

USCIS today released the final count of number of unique pieces of mail received for H1B petitions. It received 133,000 unique pieces of mail containing H-1B petitions. I guess, each piece of mail will 'mostly' contain more than one petition, as no company would send each petition in a seperate package and its most unlikely that a firm applies for just one petition.

Probably by the end of next week, we might know the actual number of H1B petitions filed and how lucky one must be to get through the initial filter.

Source: USCIS Releases Preliminary Number of FY 2008 H-1B Cap Filings (26KB PDF) 04/05/2007

During Monday and Tuesday, USCIS received 133,000 unique pieces of mail containing H-1B petitions. This is lower that the original USCIS estimate of 150,000. USCIS based the initial estimate on amounts from manifests received along with the mail. USCIS reached the updated number following a physical count of the mail. Each piece of mail may contain more than one H-1B petition. It will take USCIS a substantial amount of time to open and sort through that volume of mail.

As of Wednesday, 28,052 of the cases sorted are H-1B petitions subject to FY 2008 congressionally mandated cap. Four thousand, seven hundred three (4,703) cases are exempt from the FY 2008 H-1B cap as employers filed those petitions for aliens holding a master’s degree or higher from a U.S. institution.

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Shailendra Mallik said…
Can any one please tell me if my H1B application is rejected , how much money my employer should deducted ideally towards processing fees (filing the case etc ) ?
Somu said…
Hi Murali,

I have applied for h1-b for 2008 quota, till now i haven't recieved any information regarding the status of h1-b petition from the cosultant company.

Do you think whether i have not been selected through random selection process,

please advice.

Nitin said…
I want to apply for H1 B visa for 2008.. what is the process for it ... do people take help of consultants in preparing their cases?

Nitin parashar
098499 10241
Priya said…

i applied for h1b 2008.but my consultant told me that i hadnt selected for the lottery..But now i heard that the government is issuing some more visas? Is this true? if so will there be any chances for my case to be there in that second round?
or once if its rejected there is no chance in expecting it again..can u pls answer my question.thanks
krishna said…
The proposed hike in H1b by senate is for this year(2007)or next year.
koncepts said…
Also Priya the increased Quota of 50000 H1 will be applicable from the next year...

koncepts said…
Hello Priya,

first if your applicationis rejected you should be getting the application back in the US mail.

as now still only 50 % of the reciepts are dispatched and people are getting the reciept numbers as WAC, EAC, SRC, and LIN.

Either way, you will need your 13 digit receipt number to inquire the status online..

What is a receipt number?
For each visa application, the BCIS assigns a unique 13 digit alphanumeric number. There are 4 BCIS service centers to handle H1B applications. The first 3 character of your receipt signifies the particular service center, where the application is being processed. They can be any one of WAC, EAC, SRC, and LIN.
For example, an application submitted to California state will have a receipt number starting with WAC.

The only information anyone can find out on the status of your application is;
~ the filing date,
~ the approximate time frame for the approval.

BCIS Service Centers Contact Telephone Numbers

SRC Texas Service Center 214-381-1423

EAC Vermont Service Center 802-527-4913

LIN Nebraska Service Center 402-323-7830

WAC California Service Center 949-831-8427

** Use touch-tone phone for using this service.

There is no human intervention in this service. All you get is an electronically recorded message, stating your date of application filing and the approximate time frame for the approval.


Hope this is help ful Priya ...
koncepts said…
Also If the application is not selected :

The consultant gets a minimul amout of about 200$ as the assessment fees as

They have to return the rest of the money..

The official fees if your applicationis selected is Rs. 1,50,000
-->only If you have got a reciept # and u are applying for INS approval
Rs 75,000 Lawyer's fees
Rs 75,000 for INS ( US GOVT fees for working permit )

The rest of the fees may be it is 4-6 lacs in total that we have to pay if we get H1 stamping in our passport.

But if the file itsel is rejected you need not pay more that 10 thousand at the most as their consulting charges or file assessment fees .. whatever they term as.

Heintjie said…
Hi everyone. My girlfriend got her H1B approval notice last week.=) We were expecting to get the receipt notice first as most people are here in this forum (the lottery is the main reason why most people are still second guessing if they made the first filter), however she was lucky to get her approval in less than two months since the H1B season opened. She's very lucky because I received my H1B notice last year after 2 months and got the petition approved in about 6 months.

Wishing everyone a good luck!
Gi said…
Hello everyone.

What an informative page. =) I never made it past the initial lottery. Does any one know if I am subject to getting any of my fees back ? I paid about $4k (900 in lawyer fees, 3000 for the H1B and premium processing) and I think its kind of unfair that I lose it all because of a lottery.

Any information provided would be most appreciated !

Mahender Reddy said…
I have applied for h1 through consultancy and paid around Rs.30k. Now they are saying you are not selected in the random process. Is there any number generated for the non-selected aplications in the random process??
plz let me know the details...
Ramesh said…
Hi Mahendar,
I want to know the same thing here.
Is there any way through which I know that my application has been rejected by USCIS lottery procedure?(Other than throgh employer/Consultant).

bommudurai said…
I have applied H1B thru a consultant that he told now my application still pening.Is it true? Please advice me.

mounika said…
Hi Gi,
Your employer shud return min. upto $2500 and max. upto $3000 if ur petition is not selected in the lottery. As far I know he can even return the entire amount by subtracting the lawyer fees.(I think it can be upto $600 and am not sure, just find out and it cannot go beyond $1000 for sure).
Kishore said…
Hi bommudurai,
If your consultancy has no information on your selection or rejection then your case is still pending.In either case you will be intimated about the status via your consultancy.

Hoping for the best for you.

Thanks and Regards
Kishore said…
Hi Mahender,
I don't think there is will a number generated for rejection.Ofcourse your consultancy/advocate will be intimated via an email from USCIS.May be you can ask them to send that as a proof of confirmation.

Thanks and Regards
Rakesh said…

I applied for h1b (for 2008). But, till today i don't get any news about my status, either selected or rejected in random selection process.

My employer still said that, pl. be positive, there are 75% of chances for selection.

So, i wan't to know that, what is the situation for my case.

Thanks & waiting for reply
dom said…
Be Cool!!!
The USCIS did not provide a date by which all cap cases absolutely will be receipted. They did provide information about the Vermont and California Service Centers' (VSC and CSC) expectations for when they will be back in compliance with the timeframes for issuing receipt notices on the H1B cap-subject cases. These dates are June 2, 2007 for the VSC and June 15, 2007 for the CSC. The USCIS is asking the public to wait at least 30 days from these dates before contacting them with inquiries about H1B receipt.
Romulus said…

Does anyone know if the releasing of h1B visa petition for 2008 cap is already over?
I applied for the petition sponsored by a consultancy firm and until now i still haven't got any feedback if i am selected or not.
Do i need to wait a few more weeks?

Thanks and regards,
manish patel said…
hi i get H1b receipt notice i m sure that i will got h1b visa in september. but i confuse that my total amount paid 8 lakh its ok or not pls reply me on my id
Alex said…
Hi all,
I just wanted to say that if you have given money for h1b VISA, you should get your money back if the case is not picked up for processing.If you are in USA already and have all the documents regarding the payment you made to your consultancy or whosoever, you can just tell them that you are going to consult a lawer and send a lawer notice.Then, you will get your money immediately.First of all, it is illegal to get money for h1b visa processing.Even if you are not in USA, just collect all the documents you have, including the email correspondence back and forth your consulting company and then tell your consulting company that you have all the documents regarding the money you gave to him and you are going to report that to USCIS and Immigration office.Then you will get your money back, no questions asked.
So, dont worry guys.

Your Friend
Somu said…
Hi All,

I am happy to share with you that I have recieved my h1b approval, which was sent on 24th May by USCIS.

There is still hope and wish u all good luck to all the members in the forum

Rima said…
Hi Everyone,

I have applied for my H1 b this year, but haven't received info about it from my consultant. He adviced me to wait. I am very worried right now because I am already in US on H4 visa and although qualified I am not able to work .
giri said…
Hi evryone...I applied for H1B on april 2nd 2007 (Masters Quota) and till now havent recieved the receipt#...is any 1 in this same situation...I am afraid thy mixed my application with the general quota...please respond to me of any 1 is havin the same problem..thnk you

David said…
Hi to everybody.
me as a lot of people in this page didn't get any respond from USCIS until today. My employer said me that my checks has been cashed by USCIS I was happy to hear that but then he said that it was at 11th April which is on day before lottery date(lottery was at 12 April). So right know I am confused and don't have any idea what's going on...
Is it possible that USCIS start cash checks before the lottery?
Please help...
NAVSAC said…
i have not got any information till yet on my h1b application which was filed by my employer. is it good to be hopeful yet?
Raaj said…
Dear all,

My application has been selected and i have got my application number.
I would like to know, what are the chances of getting final stamping now?

I mean, if they have selected only 65k entries, then the chances of getting visa would be great.

Can anybody please help me to know this...

Your friend
Bala said…
My case is still pending and there is no update from my employer as on date. My case is belong to Vermont Service center.
jagan said…
this is jagan.
i just want to know that i wanna apply for h1b.
but i dont know whether h1b quota for next year 2008 is there r not.
can anybody tell about that
waiting for u rresponse
RFox said…
My consultant has applied for H1B for me on April1st and they have informed me on April24th that the checks are credited by the USCIS and for that reason I have made it through the lottery. But I have not received the receipt notice yet.
1. How can I be absolutely sure that I have made it thru the lottery process? ( Can I request the Consultant for any other document/email correspondence from USCIS?)
2. Is it normal that receipt notice is not received even now?
3. Is there any way I can come to know about status apart from receipt notice?

Thank you very much in advance,
Viraj Rao said…

My company have filed application for H1 visa in WAC California Service Center. I haven't it recieved any news from my company yet, whether the application was selected or rejected.

Can anyone please let me know, what woulf be cutoff day for issuing H1 receipts.

Viraj Rao
nick said…
HI ,

My employer have not got any results about my H1B file status .No rejection no File no. They are telling me that my check has not got cleared. They cannot tell me anything.

do you think these USIC people work during office hours or its to much workload for them?

Anyway do let me know are there anyone in same situation or i am the only one in titanic.


David said…
People in this place everybody asking and there is nobady who can anwser:(
So please anwser on this question:
Is there anybody who received application number by regular(Not premium) applying procedure?
As I heard people who still not receive anything they won the lottery because all rejections has been sent already.
Can somebody confirm this information??
Bala said…
I have got the receipt number? Does it mean that i made it thru the lottery process?
sanjeev khurma said…
hi.i applied for h1-b and till now i havent got any receipt .can u clarify that how can i know about it?
Ravi M said…
I want to apply H1 but i completed only graduation is it necessary to complete the masters also please let me know. i am having the SAP experince of 2 years.
Prakash Patel said…

My consultant has told me that he has applied for h1b. But he hasn't given me any proof of submission of application. Still I have not got any answer from consultant whether I have been selected or not. Can any one help me regarding this matter?
sim said…
Me and my wife applied for H1(regular quota on April 1) thru a consultant and our consultant has not received any status update from USCIS. All that he keeps saying is to wait. He has received 38 rejections and 45 accepted receipts. The rest (almost 37) is in the dark with no updates. So there is still 50 percent probability to win or lose.

What's funny although is many cases have been receipted and approved though some of us are still waiting to know the status of the lottery.
Niranjan P said…
Hi All,
I have applied for H1B 2008, my consultant had filed my application on the first day itself(1st April 2007). But few of the fellows have got their reciept numbers already. But I did not get my reciept number and even I didnt get my papers back to them. I'm confused totally.Neither rejected nor approved.
There is no information from consultancy,and he is asking me to wait till second week of July 2007.
Is there any chance of getting recipt number for my application?
Please let me know.
mike said…
Hi i also applied for h1b visa, but until now the lawyer is telling me that my check was cleared and it is a good chance i got in to the lottery, can anyone enlighten e regarding this matter? What are my chances?
Bandodu said…
Hi RFox,

Me too belongs to the same case..my cheque was encashed and no receipt number till now my cheque was encashed before a long back on april 27th.

Please let me know if yoy receive any....
Carol said…
I have applied for H1B 2008 under Premium Process. On May 22, USCIS sent me a letter saying I have been selected out of the lottery, however, they are placing me in a waiting list in case any number become available later on. They also said that they will inform us whether we make it or not by June 11th.

I still haven't received any news from them.

What's going on!!?!?!
Shakthi said…
I have got the receipt number? Does it mean that i made it thru the lottery process? please let mek now.
David said…
Question for peaople who get a rejection:
Did you get back exactly same checks which yoe sent to USCIS?
I mean did USCIS cash them and then make new one for sending back?
my checks was cleared now I am trying to understand is that mean something or not.
savas said…
my consultant filed for h1b visa.the fees has been encashed from the bank.i have not received any information as of now .can u let me know how long this process will take to issue receipts or reject the applications.
with regards,
Jay said…
Do you know any consultants in Bangalore who will process H1B Visa for experienced IT candidates?
Rahul Gupta said…
Hi All,
I have also applied for H1B visa through a consultant and till now I have not got any information for accepted or rejected. My Consultant is kept on saying that its still under pending state. I have also not got any confirmation receipt o anything stating that whether he actually applied for my visa. Is there anyway I can know about that?


zabyas said…
My case is in the California center and I still have not received my H1b approval or rejection. My attorney was telling me that she doubts I will get rejected because they are now issuing receipt numbers for the lottery people. IS this true?
JP said…
so, excatly on more month to know the exact status
JP said…
The USCIS has approved 41,000 cap-subject cases and 12,500 U.S. master degree cases as of now. They have issued about 10,000 RFEs for cap-subject cases which are pending. Approximately 4,000-5,000 RFE have been ossied for U.S. master degree cases and they are in this regard still pending. They held-up approximately 1,000 cap-subject cases for potential availability beyond those cases which had been selected, it appears that these may be rejected and returned. For the Chile-Singapore cases, they have already exhausted the special number for these cases and there are no numbers that add to the cap-subject quota from the Chile-Singapore unused numbers.
By now, they fixed no-winners in the lottery. There has been some delay in sending out rejection notices and return of checks. These rejection notices and return checks will be completely mailed by July 20, 2007.
The California Service Center has been experiencing delays in processing of receipt or approval notices for the selected cases and approved cases. Soon, the CSC will post a special email number for inquiry of these cases on the USCIS website.
rahul said…
Hi Murali,

I have received my H1B approval notice mail. What can i do next?
WHat is the nex thing to be done? or i should wait for my employer to get back.
Howz the market in U.S for datacom guyz?

rahul said…

I have received my H1B approval notice mail. What can i do next?

Narendra said…
I got My LIN number.but still now my consultent didn't send the Papers.Did any one got papers from ur consultent?How much time it will takes to send me the papers?

Plz help me
Sanju said…
As JP said above that only rejeceted cases are pending and those who waiting for receipt number they have to beleive that they are rejected.. Is it true?? clear my query please
zabyas said…

So if my case is still pending in the California center and no notification has been sent to me then does this mean I have more chances of approval?
Gopalakrishnan said…
I had applied for h1b regular …my employer had sent my application on march 31st and it went through the lottery on 12th….So far I don’t have any info from my employer regarding my application..no checks encashed..no receipt and i didn’t get my application back rejected
What does this mean?Am I rejected?Please help clear my confusion..
JP said…

June 22, 2007


WASHINGTON – June 22, 2007 :In an effort to give our customers accurate information about current receipting times and service level commitments, United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is providing the following projections concerning fee receipting and data entry processing of cases currently at USCIS Service Centers as well as the anticipated in time-compliance dates at each site.

California Service Center
USCIS expects to provide in time-compliance for receipting of form types listed below:

Data Entry: Compliant BY
N-400 6/29/2007
All other forms are currently in time-compliance.

Nebraska Service Center
USCIS expects to provide in time-compliance for receipting of form types listed below:

Data Entry: Compliant BY
I-131 7/6/2007
I-140 7/6/2007
I-360 7/6/2007
I-485 7/6/2007
N-400 7/6/2007
All other forms are currently in time-compliance.

Texas Service Center
USCIS expects to provide in time-compliance for receipting of form types listed below:
Data Entry: Compliant BY
I-485 7/6/2007
N-400 7/6/2007
All other forms are currently in time-compliance.

Vermont Service Center
USCIS expects to provide in time-compliance for receipting of form types listed below:
Data Entry: Compliant BY
I-130 7/13/2007
I-589 7/13/2007
I-751 7/13/2007
N-400 7/13/2007
All other forms are currently in time-compliance

USCIS is making every effort to address the delay in its data entry and fee receipting process. The prioritization of data entry for specific form-types was a proactive measure on the part of Service Centers to address the unprecedented level of H-1B filings received on April 2nd and 3rd, 2007, as well as the unprecedented level of filings for other immigration benefits. USCIS would like to assure its customers that the delay in data entry and fee receipting will not affect Change of Status or Extension of Stay eligibility, assuming all other eligibility requirements are satisfied. USCIS would also like to assure its customers that per existing policies and procedures, requests for Premium Processing Service will continue to be processed within 15 days. USCIS wishes to assure all customers that the original received date (the date which the document is date stamped) will be honored and recorded on the receipt notice. This date will appear in the "Received Date" box on Form I-797, Notice of Action. The received date is different from the "Notice Date", which also appears on Form I-797. The Notice Date is the date the receipt notice was actually generated.

JP said…
*******LATEST UPDATE FROM USCIS**************

WASHINGTON – June 26, 2007 : The California Service Center (CSC) is experiencing systems problems that are causing delays in the printing of certain notices. USCIS believes the delays are primarily affecting approval notices for cases decided between April 2007 and the present, although production of some receipt notifications may be affected as well. USCIS is attempting to identify the source of the problem and generate the delayed notices as quickly as possible. In the interim, CSC has established interim procedures to help facilitate the needs of its customers.

• If USCIS has cashed your remittance check and you have yet to receive a receipt notice, please verify your case’s status on-line using the receipt number indicated on your cancelled check. If you don’t know your receipt number, please contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) toll-free at 800-375-5283 for your receipt number.

• If you believe that you haven’t received an approval notice (for example - you check the online system and it indicates that your case was approved and you have not received an approval notice), USCIS encourages you to submit an inquiry to the e-mail box: CSC.NoNotice@DHS.Gov. Please include your receipt number and/or your “A” number with your inquiry. USCIS expects to respond to email inquiries within 30 calendar days.

nisha said…

I recently got a check from my consultancy company reimbursing 2000$ out of my 3000$ fee for H1B, since I dint get my H1b ...When I asked why that much they replied that its the lawyer and transcripts fees...I know they wont cost that much...
I am being ripped off...If so want can i do..?
Pls help ...I am scared to death
JP said…
USCIS Announces Temporary Suspension of Premium Processing Service for
Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker
WASHINGTON – Effective July 2, 2007, USCIS is announcing the temporary suspension of Premium Processing Service for Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, in accordance with 8 CFR 103.2(f)(2). USCIS anticipates a substantial increase in the number of petitioning employers that will file Form I-140 petitions requesting Premium Processing Service as of July 2, 2007. This is due to pent up demand for preference visa categories for which visas will become available according to the Department of State July 2007 Visa Bulletin. The volume of Form I-140 petitions filed that request Premium Process Service is expected to exceed USCIS’ capacity to provide the Premium Process Service according to the Premium Process Service program guidelines.
Premium Processing Service guarantees that within 15 calendar days of receipt of a petition, USCIS will issue either an approval notice, a notice of intent to deny, a request for evidence or open an investigation for fraud or misrepresentation.
This suspension will last for 30 days beginning on July 2, 2007 and ending on August 1, 2007. During this timeframe, USCIS will determine whether it is able to process these cases within 15 calendar days of receipt. If so, Premium Processing Service will once again be made available for Form I-140 petitions.
Qadeer said…
I have applied for h-1 on 2nd april but till today haven't heard from uscis?? any suggestions?? thanks
Qadeer said…
Hi' I have applied for h-1 visa on 2nd April 2007. Can anyone say whether it was too late to apply for h-1. My application was posted from NY and my application was sent to Vermont?? any suggestions?? Thanks.
Some x said…
I can,t understand wheather the uscis people are stupids..My cheaque was enchashed on april 27th and now it was july..and i did not receive any receipt number..i hope they are donkeys....i hope USCIS is having all donkeys as their employees with them let them go to hell...Sorry guys its time get iritated....lets all pray let god make donkeys work well..........
Ayra said…
I got mail from my consultancy company on May 23 rd that my case is approved,
but till now I didnt receive any receipt no,

Has all who got approval, got their receipt no?
Gopalakrishnan said…
yesterday i got my Receipt number and work permit approval. My case was in the California Service Center. I am wishing you all, who is waiting for status.
PV said…

I got receipt number to my h1b application and status it showing on USCIS is "Case receive and Pending" but many case are keep updating either Approved or other,if anybody knows whats going on with pending cases still let me know.Thank you.

Dheeraj said…

can anyone suggest me good consultant, with whom I can file H1B visa for next year.
jagdish said…




Tanvi said…
I have got my reciept number one month ago. Still the same status 'Case recieved Status Pending.'

Its from Vermont Service Center.

Anyone knows this ? or same condition ?
balaji subbiah said…
Hey all,
I did my MS this year in US.I applied for H1B and my receipt number is dated 18-04-07.I got a query in May first week for which I replied immediately.Now awaiting reply from USCIS.My status shows 'Case received and pending".When will they let me know-if any can give me some information please help me out!My processing centre is WAS-CSC.
With tons of thanks
vinod said…
Hi i didn't recieved my receipt no so far from USICS.I talkes with the lwayer of the company who applied for my h1.They didn't received any info so far like no INS number or also not rejected.they received rejection for some of the applications.for my canse no update so far .i have a question that whether my application made the lottery or not .Or they can still retured it back saying that ur application didn't made the lottery.Pls help me in this
Sanju said…
Hi! My service center is Vermont but still i can not get any update for my status so what i have to beleive if any one whom service center is vermont and same status like me than please reply... i am very confused..
sasi said…
hi sanju my service center is also vermont and i didnot get any info regarding my H1B.there are many for whom the status is unknown....if you get any info pls let us know ....
Tanvi said…
Sanju and Sasi...

my application is also trough vermont centre.. I got reciept number and status saying that. 'Case recieved status pending'

So just have to wait for atleast August end to get full update of VISA..
Sivacharan said…
Hi I got my LIN number shortlisted long timeback that is 2 months ago but still

the Status :Case Receieved and Pending

Anybody sailing in the same boat please let me know

Bala said…
Sasi Sanju: My service service center also vermont and my H1B got approved. i got the confirmation around 10 days back.
Geeta said…
My case is also from Vermont and not heard any thing on the application status

No update zilch nada

Anybody with any news please drop a line

Samir said…
Hi Tanvi.
Same is the case with me.I have got my receipt number showing pening at Vermont.Still no information.Just reply if u have any other information regarding the same.You can mail me at samirpharmacist@yahoo.com
Iliyaz said…
Hi Sanju and Sasi, My service center is also vermont and on june 6th they mailed me a notice requesting additional evidence, after that I submit again all the related documents requested but still the status is same since then. If you got any info please let us know.. Thanks.
jable said…
Hi, I got in the lotery but still didnt received any information from INS about approval status. Is it normal or some thing went long as most of my friends already got the approval notice. Anyidea how many month it took for receiving the approvla notice in normal procedure?
Geeta said…
My center is vermont and I still have no clue about my application no rejections no receipt number not even my consultant knows anything about it....anyone has any idea pls do let me know whats happening or anyone saling on the same boat...please scrap...

Samir said…
\Hi.....Sasi,Sanju,Geeta,Tanvi..........Any update!!
We all have received receipt and case is through Vermont centre.Plz.reply if any one f u gets any update or information at samirpharmacist@yahoo.com
Tk care..........Sam.
Sheetal said…
Hello All,

I applied for the H1B this year thro' a consultant called Tiny Planet Inc from Long Beach, CA. My consultant said he submitted my application on 1st April. But unfortunately 2 months back I got to know that I was not selected in the random process. Well, I had paid that cheat Consultat around $2K. He had promised of returning the money if the visa is not processed further. But now when we call he doesn't pick the call. He doesn't reply to the mails I sent. I have made some 100s of calls no reply for the voice mails. I am moved out of CA now, so its little difficult to catch him. I was just wondering if there any way that I can handle him legally with this matter. Please let me know on this. Also, if you come accross this cheat called Dinesh Kumar from Tiny Planet Inc......don't ever trust him. He doesn't know to be a professional.
AZ said…

I am not sure which is my service center. Did not hear anything from my employer yet.

I guess this is Vermont only.

Don't even have the receipt number. So have no clue about whats happening.

Any one still in the same condition?

Please keep us posted.

Komal shetty said…
Hi Dheeraj,

I know one company which has filed my h1, it is a genuine company, it is based in Hyderabad. along with me 8 more friends applied, and everybody got LIN numbers.

I will give you the number of the concerned person he is

Varun Reddy
Geeta said…
Hi Az, Samir,

I havent received any communication from INS not even my consultant. I dont even know whether my application reached USCIS or not. Till date there is no info on the same. No rejections, no receipt number, no return of application with check, no approvals. Nothing.

Center is Vermont. I did come across this link which talks about Vermont Center it sud be useful for all Vermont Applicant :

Geeta said…
Hi Sheetal,

Sure you should not leave these consultants specially these Desi consultants....to start off you can log a complaint at www.bbb.org......they definitely take actions against these people. Its called Better Business Bureau.

bonnie said…

We filled in California service centre. till now we didnt receive any communication like receipt number, reject notice and application back. anyone filled through this serive centre got any info. In the link http://www.uscis.gov/files/pressrelease/ReceiptingTimes20Jul07.pdf, the time frame for N-**** is given what is it and also mentioned other forms are in time compliance. What it means whether other forms are issued as per the date.

Can anyone let me know. Is there any way to know the status from the USICS oline.
since we dint receive the receipt notice itself, i find it very diificult.
Sanju said…
Hi..Now i think 27th is last receipt date for vermont as per USCIS update. Let us see now what happen? Still i didn't received receipt or no update
Samir said…
Atleast you should get your receipt number by this time.The only person who can give answers of all your questions is your consultant.Ask whether he has applied for petition or not.There are only two possibilities.Whether you are out from lottery draw or you have a receipt number.You can ask your doubts at samirpharmacist@yahoo.com.Take care...
Sanju said…
Hi!!AZ,Geeta,Bonnie..any one from u who get receipt number? Still no update and as per Murthyforum Vermont's goal is to finish all application before 1st August. Please share information regarding USCIS if anyone who have update..
vamsi said…

I have applied for H1b through a consultant and paid $4000. The consultant gave a receit number which got accepted. Now he is troubling me by not sending the documents necessary for stamping. At present I am in Australia, How can I proceed. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Geeta said…
Hi Sanju,

Still havent heard anything on my Application...
AZ said…

Even I have not received any information from my consultant.

Not sure whats going on.

Anyone can give some information??

geeta said…
i applied for my H1 visa through a consultant and mine was a premium processing case. we gave him a check of $3500 in no name and eventually it was encashed in somebody else's name. Now that my application for H1 has been rejected i want my money back and that man is telling me to wait since three months.what do i do now???
AZ said…

No information for me too.
I have not heard anything from my employer.

Samir said…
Hi Geeta,Sanju,Varun and all.
Finally got the approval notice from The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on late night 31st July.It seems true that they want to finish all pendings before 1st August 2007 specially at Vermont centre.Chek your status guys........All the best and take care.
With lots of love
and warm regards,
Samir Shah.
Mitu said…
Hi!! No blogs frm any one.. All of u getting your receipt number?? Still i didn't get it n service center is vermont.. if any have update then plz inform..
Tanvi said…
my employer said that my H1 has been approved but in online status its showing pending !!1!........... WHY ???? is USCIS is updating information later on ??? or employer is lie ??
Mitu said…
Hi Tanvi,
My service center is also vermont but still i didn't get receipt number.At least u got it so u will get update as soon..
Varun Kapur said…
Hi Mitu,Tanvi...

I am also waiting for my approval... My case is also in the Vermont Center but its been more than a month now... almost 2 months that the status of my case has changed on the website.. and it is still in the Pending state... so I am also waiting for my approval. There have been soo many people who have already got the approval... bt as we can make it out.. it seems it is going alphabetically so I am not sure how much more time is it going to take... bt the only way is to wait and watch. I am praying for myself and for others waiting for the approval.. u also keep on praying for everyone including your ownself :-)

Congrats to all who have got the approval and Best Wishes for all the aspirants like me!!!!

Varun Kapur.
H said…
I just got a notice from my attorney from my company that my H1B wasn't selected in the lottery. However my H1B status still shown as pending on the vermont's website.

I am really frastrated with the fact it takes 4 months to know that I wasn't selected by the lottery.

I will be talking to my manager about my situation and lay out all the options I can possibly have. Can anyone suggest what I should do next? Please send me email to atxhan100@yahoo.com

Please help.
GRV said…
Hi..my service centre is also Vermont and so far my status is also pending..somebody wroe that by August 1st they have to process all the cases..i think we can only see the updated processing dates on 16th of August as they updateit on 16th of every month...if anybody as any idea please share.
Praveen said…

My petition was filed on April 19, 2007 at the Califiornia Service Center. The petition was accepted and status changed to "Case Received and Pending" somewhere mid-June.

But till today, it has remained the same. I did some googling and realised that CSC had some technical snags due to which the cases for approval are getting delayed. But, will it get delayed by this much.

The way I see it, Other petitions are still getting approved Left, Right and Center.

I actually called up the hotline and checked the status there. It said, a notice I-797 has already been dispatched. What on earth does that mean ?

Please clarify.

GRV said…
Hi everyone...Any idea about how long the VERMONT center people will take to process the cases??
GRV said…
Hi everyone..Anybody has an idea how long VERMONT people going to take to process the cases??
jable said…

Can any one tell me how to check the status using hotline service. It is asking me to dial my LIN number but i dont know how to dial the alphabet's of my LIN. Can some one give a tip how to dial the alphabet from the voip dialling keypad?

Anand said…

I have got my H1B approval, I am currently working for a US company. My H1B approval says that I have chosen New Delhi for my stamping, if it does so should I go only to New Delhi for my stamping or can I go Mexico or Canada for my H1B stamping.

If I need to go to only New Delhi , is there a way I can change my place of Visa Stamping.


SrinivasK said…
Hi All,

I have received a notice from my consultant that my H1B application has been approved and he also sent me a scanned copy of the Notice Of Action, but still the my case status at Vermount Service Center shows that it is Received and Pending any Idea why is that so? I called up the service center and as expected I could not get the information I was looking for. Any thoughts are appreciated.

bonnie said…

we haven't received the receipt number till now. Is there any way to fne the case status at this point of time. Please let me know, if anyone in the same situation.
XXXX said…
I received my receipt from vermont centre in first week of June .Till date it says case received and pending....Is anybody else sailing in the same boat .Plz reply....
Radhish said…

I checked the online status of my petition on USCIS site and it said.

Current Status: We mailed you a decision.

Does anybody know what does it mean.
If it is approved, it should say "Approval notice has been sent" or something like that.

Is it a rejection ??
My consultant has not received any notice

Anjum said…
I got my receipt, one May 15 2008 and they mention my case was accepeted on April 30, 2007 and Still show in USCIS web side Case Received and Pending. Please if any one know, what is that happpen.
Suni said…

my application was filed at CA center....
did not receive any info from the consultant till date...he says he is still waiting for an update......

Don't have any receipt number also...don't know the status.....don't know if consultant had really filed it or not..............

What is the URL to check the status online.....(without receipt number)...

is that worth waiting some more time ??if so any expected time frame????
hasan said…
i talked with my consultant on 30 aug 2007,and he said till date those who have not get any receipt are rejected finally and no hope. we need to prepare for 2009. can any one has confirmation of such thing. is it worthy to wait for some more time???
Suresh Kumar Dasari said…
Hi All,

I checked the online status of my petition on USCIS site and it said.

Current Status: We mailed you a notice requesting additional evidence.

Does anybody know what does it mean.
If it is approved, it should say â??Approval notice has been sentâ? or something like that.

If it is a rejection ??
Then there will not be any tracking no

so can any one explain what exactly it is and I sent the required documents 2 months back but still the status not changed yet

if any one know the information reg this query and one who had the same problem pls let me know

my mail id : piscesinblues@gmail.com

chintan said…
Hi all,
I graduated (MS) in dec 2006 and one consultant company had filed my H1 on 3rd april (vermont center), till date i havent received any updates on my petition, not even reciept no, when i tried to call uscis for update they replied that applicant or applicant's lawer can call for updates not the beneficier. i asked my company to call them but they says that they already called them and uscis is saying that there are still some petitions left to be procced. Is it possible? how much chances of this? if no, is there any other way to track the application? can i take any legal action against my employer or can i take help of some other lawer for that?
Harshendra Verdhan said…
I am looking for jobs in Corporate Communications, PR Or Marketing Communications in USA. Hence, i need companies or agencies who can sponser me for H1B. How can i find abt those companies?
Tanvi said…
Suresh Kumar Dasari,

Current Status: We mailed you a notice requesting additional evidence.

It said that they are require some documents from you. So contact who ever filed your H1 they have got list of all docs do ask them details.
sanjeev said…
hi,does anyone knows wat going on in vermont centre cause my case is filed from ther and i still waiting for my approval or rejection.
yogini patel said…
Hi, Tanvi

I applied for H1 visa and I selected in randomly lottery system and I got receipt no start with EAC but still today it means 9/14/2007 I do not get any approval from their side. Please help me to search our my status. I want to know whether I selected or rejected for this year.

Bala said…
Hi Yogini, please let me know the receipt number?
Bala said…
You can find out the status in the USCIS site and the URL is http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis
Krishan Kumar said…
I have applied for H1B for FY 2008 through employer, on 3rd april 2007, i received a mail regarding that my application is submitted to USCIS for processing, and two or three week i got another mail from employer that this time USCIS will select the H1B aspirant on lottery system, In June i got mail from employer that your case might not be selected for this year in random selection process, and if you would like to process it for the next year, please write to us,

Then i have written mail about to submit my application for the next year,that i am ok with this.

So, my doubts is that they hav't provide any receipt no and other information that i have mentioned, if my case is not selected for FY 2008, so is it ok with the employer to submit the same document for FY 2009 for H1B or they will ask other document, or USCIS will accept the same file in next year i.e 2009 H1B cap.

I would like to know that how many H1B visa will be for the FY 2009.

Priya said…

I read in USCIS site ( http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=138b6138f898d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=91919c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD)

that 5800 visas alloted for H1B1 visas (Singapore and Chile) are added back to H1B quota from October 1st 2007?

Based on this please let me know if there still some hope for people who had applied on April1 st 2007 but were not selected by lottery...

Waiting for your reply
yogini patel said…
Hi Bala,

Thanks for reply me. My receipt no is EAC0714252589 and please inform me about my petition.
Awaiting for your reply.

Tanvi said…
Hi, yogini .
U can check status from site http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis
but they are not updating it regularly. So better to wait uptill you get Approval.
Just ask your employer who ever filed for you.
priya said…
i hav an issue like

i received a receipt number on may 3 : but my case is still pending?can i expect my approval this year?
Bala said…
Hi Yogini,

The status on your case is "Current Status: Case received and pending".
krishna said…

My H1 case status is showing as approval notice sent from june 19 th 2007 onwords.when my documents will get dispatched.My application processing through vermont centre.

Vj said…

The online status shows that they have mailed the decision, does that mean the H1B is denied? in that case will USCIS will refund the amount.? If any one knows this please update me.
kiran99r said…

i have received a receipt notice On April 18, 2007, but till now the Current Status: Case received and pending. my case is with vermont center. can any one say what is happening with the USCIS. As i called to my consultant he says still there are 15000+ application in vermont center along with me a month back. so how long will this take to a conclusion.

Babu said…
I have received my lin numbet but it's showing may 3rd case received and pending . can i get approval after some time?
Surjit said…
Hi all,

my case has been approved and they have mailed me the approval notice on September 10, 2007 . But my employer didn't get it yet. So how long it could be now and what should i do...

Aquarian said…
Hi all,
I have h1 b visa ,but I had to go to US by b1 visa by my employer here,right now I have both h1 b and b1 visa stamped in my passport , can I still go to US by my h1 b visa..?

Waiting for your reply ..!

Pap said…
Hi all

My consultant has applied for h1 on 2,april,2007, But yet I haven't got any message of selection. Consultant is telling me that It may be carry forward for the next quata. Is it true or he is making me foolish?
Please help me?

Hoping positive answer.
Thank you.
Lv said…
Hi all,

I have applied for H1B through a consultancy based out of NJ and paid 3k$ for the same.I have received the EAC number.but still the case is pending with USCIS.When contacted the consultancy guys, they keep saying that the case is pending.I dont know whats happenning at the Vermont service center.Should i wait till some action is taken on my case or can i file for any refund either from the consultancy or from USCIS ?
Ritzwan0 said…
Hi Lv,

try to contact Vermont Help desk directly at:

Vermont Service Center 802-527-4913

Let me know what they say.
Mohommed Riyaz said…
Hi Lv,

I advise you to better call Vermont Centre on following number and ask for status. Give them the EAC number.

Vermont Service Center : 802-527-4913

Let me know what they say.

mypnt said…
Hi every friends i got my lin number but still now USCIS is showing that case is pending, my case is with vermont service center, what i have to do? pls any help
Sonu said…
Hi, my application wasnt selected in the random pick in April 2007, if I withdraw my application now, will there be any deduction? I paid 2500$ and it was filed at Vermount. What if the same rush is found the next also, should I take the risk of filing it agn in April 2008? Is there no other inlet for filing? Does the filing happen once a year only.

Please respond
hai said…
hai friends i applied for H1B visa this year april 2007 and i got receipt on 11th april, still now i did'nt got the approvel notice uscis is showing that case received and pending, my application is with vermont service center, pls any help?
sunny said…
Hi friends i applied for H1B on april 2007 and i got receipt still yesterday my online status is case received and pending but now it is showing that they need some additional evidence i dont know what is going to happen any help?
Ghulam said…
Hi all,

If anyone saying u that ur cheques has been recived by USCIS then they telling lie, bcz USCIS have no concern with ur cheques and ur dealing, they reciev money from employer.......!
and If any consultant is getting money from u then they have to refund all to u.

Deepak Singh said…
Hi, friends I have been applied for h1b in this year. I want to know the rejection percentage after theselection in lootery system.... Can anyone guide me... about this

I have been applied for H1B this year. When US govt releasing the results. Can anyone tell me this year also the same lottery system or not.

Vivek said…
Total application = 163,000

More than 31,200 of those petitions were for the advanced degree exemption. 20,000 visas are reserved.

31200 - 20,000 = 11200

143000 + 11200 = 131800

Probability for General Case = 65000/ 131800 = .4931 approximately 50%

Head or Tail :)

Ravinder said…
Dear friends,

I would like to know whether USCIS has started dispathing of H1B approvals of 2009 CAP, if not when will they start issue of approvals?.
tabraiz said…
Salaam Alaikum every body,
I am also one of sufferer like u. I got my approval since 2007 but still my status is "Case Recieved and Pending". My consultant dont know anything about my case.My application also processing through vermont centre.
Pleae if u know any information plz let me know.

ramakrishnan said…
hey i have an receipt no, how long it will take to visit US consulate

if any body has reply please reply
Ravinder said…
Dear ramakrishnan,

when did you receive your receipt Number.
i have applyed for H1b 2008 mean last one month back , so when can i expect result , my consordated company peoples has told results will appear on seconf week of this month , so am i selected or not in ramdam lottory how can i know exept through which is company i have applyed please give me advice , plz plz
mallikarjun said…
When will know the status whether application in lottery system cleared or rejected?
Sandy said…

I got my H1 B approval mail today.
There is no other way to know if you got selected except your sponcer tells you.

All the best to everyone

attymilf said…
Hi everybody, Can anybody from last year who posted on this forum tell me what was the status of those cases in which the payment for the H1 b was encashed already and they were waiting for the receipt number? What happend after the waiting period? Were you guys able to get the receipt number and subsequently been given working visas? I am asking this because I had applied for premium processing then my employer told me that my check was already cashed last april 15 but until now my lawyer told me that no receipt number was mailed yet? So guys if those from 2008 cap with the same problems as mine can you share with us what are your status now?
Amit said…
I have applied for H1 visa for year 2009 through a consultant. Till the date, I got reply as no update from USCIS. Could anyone help me with following ?
- How max time should I wait for the approval email from USCIS/ Consultant and then ask for refund.
- Is there any way to verify whatever the consultant is replying.

Thanks. Appreciate your help.
Prasad said…
Hi every body,
I had applied for H1B from two different companies for this year, out of which one application got approved till now. I want to know what happenes to my second application if selected and what happenes if its not selected.
Do I get back my second application fee.
Please replay.

Mahesh Mishra said…
Hi every one

I have applied for H1N for FY 2009.

But i could not heard till now from my employer.

Should i expect the my application has rejected
Md. A Jalil said…
I have applied for H1B visa for the year 2008. Till the date, I did not get any reply from my consultant/uscis. Could anyone help me?
1. How max time should I wait for the approval email from uscis/ consultant?
2. How do I come to know that my case/petition is rejected or not?

santa said…
Hi , I have my H1B approval for year 2008..when i shd be knwing abt the final approval from USCIS?? any idea??

someone said…
My husband applied for h1b through a consultant.At 21st may consultant called and said our check is encashed.But we didin't get receipt no yet.
Please some one can discuss on this problem.

Is there any chance to picked in?
akash said…
hi all,
my consultant applied h1 for Master quata on 1st april, but till now no i havent got any reply from uscis
is there any hope to get h1?
or how long it takes to get rejection or pition back?
Miguel said…

I applied for and H1B under the general quata, but I have not heard anything from USCIS? has anybody gotten an answer? how long should I wait?
I will appreciate any help you can provide me with,

praveen said…

I have applied for h1-b for 2008 quota, till now i haven’t recieved any information regarding the status of h1-b petition from the company.

Did any one got any update ?

nitin said…
HI Friends, I recieved receipt number with EAC**** 13 digit number.Does it mean i got selected in lottory??On checking the online status i found "case is received and pending" . What it mean??
Sandeep said…
Hi All,

My application got receipt # for fin year 2009 and status says that an approval email has been sent. What will be next procedure?

Please let me know if anyone of you have information.

ARJUN said…
Hi Sandeep,

Cogratulations for you that for approved your H1-B Visa of fiscal year 2009.Approval notice sent means USCIS people approved your H1-B peitition.So next process is only for VISA Interview.Your employeer will get your approval papers from USCIS then he will forward you after that along those documents you have to go for VISA interview.So please be cool everything over for you only VISA is reminaning so please be happy Congratulations once again byee keep smiling my application is still pending :( waiting for approval notice.
ARJUN said…
Hi Frnds,

My Receipt no is EAC081595xxxx i got this 14th June still now it indicating that " Case Received and Pending" so what will happen to my situation please try to tell me about my problem approximately 11 days over for got receipt still how long should i wait for approval.reply me soon .. bye
hariprasad said…
HI Friends,
I recieved receipt number with WAC**** 13 digit number in june 1st week 2008.
And my online status i found â??case is received and pendingâ? .
Ho many months takes for approval?

ARJUN said…
Hi Hariprasad,

Here i am also getting same problem i got my receipt on 14th June still now it is showing Pending I am also eagerly waiting for my approval.We hope it will approve soon byee... pray god to approve our applications soon okk bye
ARJUN said…
My Number starts with EACxxxxx
hiren said…
hi everyone.
i applied h1b. but still i do not get any reply whenever i called my employer ,he says he didn`t get any reply yet, your case is still pending and he also say that he neither get rejection nor approval.
is my employer saying truth?
nitin said…
Hi Friends i got approval notice!!! What to do next??
Miguel Reyes said…
Hey guys!

How long does it take them to send all the notices out?


Miguel Reyes
Sachin Shinde said…

I have received my H1B approval notice mail. What can i do next?

Mohan said…
Hi Friends,

I applied H1b visa through my organisation,luckily my application got selected. But they are not giving 13 digit Case No. Is any chance to generate 13 digit Case no,I know my Application No, Filed Date and all. One of my frined applied with me. he got his Case no which is starts like this “WAC08007xxxxx”.
Do u have any idea about this?.

Thanks in advance.
jain said…
Hi Friends,

My H1B visa was filed by the employer through premium processing on April 1st,08. The only information I got from the employer after that is that the application is through with the lottery. I havent recieved the reciept no. also. How can i know if my application is approved or not? Please help.

Thanks in advance.
Frido said…
Hi, I'm from Argentina and my visa has been applied by Microsoft. They didn't give me any receipt number yet and my recruiter says he still doesn't have news about the result. I heard from other guys who are already working in Vancouver that Ms will be sending information about visas during first week of august. Do any of you know something about H1B visas for South American people? Did any of you, from South America, received any notification?

thanks in advance,

Naresh said…
Hi guys finally i got the approval notice today ..i applied in march 2008...i was asked RFE on june 23rd and got final results today. I am happy..:) because i just got it on using CPT keeping my OPT for MBA...
mahesh said…
hi my application picked in random selection but i still didn't got my documents
can any one tell me what was the problem in my case
reka said…
I have completed MCA, Mphil in 2001.Then I worked as a lecturer in computer science 2 years in arts ans science college,Madurai(2001-2003).Then
I have been working as a lecturer in polytechnic college since 2004 for III year students(computer science dept).Now I am applying the college TRB.Polytechnic experience is applicable for college TRB selection or not?

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