Training Presentation Meets Reality Show ??

New trend or just a coincidence, stumbled upon these two Training style Presentations that got an upgrade of their own, in the format of a TV reality show.

1. The Art of Speaking with Scott Hanselman
"In this special production we put notable speaker, Scott Hanselman, to the test: learn CoffeeScript in 90 minutes, then present a 15 minute talk. We sit live with Scott as he probes the CoffeeScript documentation and designs his talk, walking us through his slide design process and code demos. Along the way we do what we do: to throw curveballs and see how he handles the pressure."
The Art of Speaking with Scott Hanselman
60 minutes Video, $18
2. Ryan Singer UX Sketching
"Ryan Singer designs user interfaces at 37signals. We flew to Chicago to learn how he works…first hand. We gave him a small task and watched him design a user interface out loud and on paper. The result is possibly the most insightful, educational, and thought provoking video we’ve produced so far. "
Ryan Singer : UX Sketching
72 minutes Video, $12
Ryan Singer : UX/UI Prototype
75 minutes Video, $12
Sounds interesting ?


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