Video : Blogger Dynamic Views, Yet Another Reason to Love Blogger

I started blogging back in 2004 on Blogger, went out to and then moved to Wordpress hosted on my a host and finally came back home to Blogger at the beginning of the year. The convenience, unlimited flexibility and absolutely zero maintenance, I fell in love again. Did I mention, all this awesomeness is also totally FREE? Yes it is.

Few weeks back, I switched to the coffee time theme as I simply loved the theme and customized with none other than Google's web fonts that add style to the blog even within the browser. IF you don't like the theme of my blog, for any reason, try to see 7 other different crazy stunning formats that you can read this blog. Watch the following video or try it right away.

An overview of the seven new dynamic views in Blogger that use to customize your blog. Built with the latest in web technology (AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3), Dynamic Views is a unique browsing experience that will inspire your readers to explore your blog in new ways. The interactive layouts make it easier for readers to enjoy and discover your posts, loading 40 percent faster than traditional templates and bringing older entries to the surface so they seem fresh again.


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