Trust30 : A Lonely Belief : One In A Billion

This was yesterday’s prompt from Trust30 Challenge by Buster Benson.

The world is powered by passionate people, powerful ideas, and fearless action. What’s one strong belief you possess that isn’t shared by your closest friends or family? What inspires this belief, and what have you done to actively live it?

Though there may be more than 6 billion people in this world, each of us are born unique. Whether we believe in God or in Evolution, each one of us are born unique.  That says something irrespective of what you believe in.

However in search of social acceptability and likeability, we tend to explicitly plan to do things and say things that are acceptable by most though we have conflicting arguments at the core. We think too much about what others will think about it or talk about it if we do something or say something. Some of us even fake stuff to look good. Over the time, we loose true distinct selves and become something that people talk about but we hardly could identify ourselves with.

It shouldn’t be like Politicians, that try to gauge the interest of the public and start picking up an issue. It should be other way. Fight for an issue that really matters even if nobody is talking about it, because you believe that it is the right thing to do.

My belief is that we must have our own opinions, views and ways of doing things. We must be able to say things and act on them even if that is uncommon. We shouldn’t worry too much about what everybody else will think about it. 

But very few in my circle believe in it. They get totally diplomatic when talking and literally always equivocal when it comes to arguments. Some do take sides, but turns out they do so only for the sake of arguments.

As far as I could recollect, the initial realization of this happened while reading a novel by Suryadevara, one of my favorite Telugu novelist when I was in school. I never hesitated from then onwards to talk out what I really think and do what I really believe in. Keeping a journal helped me stay in tact and develop the courage. I even got totally unpopular for so many things, for just speaking out. Many people misunderstood me, for just being myself, as they did NOT expect me to say it loud, they thought I was saying it for some reason.

I never regretted it and will never do. I want to be respected for who I am, not for who what they think I should be.


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