Layoffs : I Wish, There is a better way to bid farewell

This last Thursday was a sad day in many ways. May be it was just hard business reality to let some of our team members go. I am afraid, at some point if not necessarily today, it could be just any of us. But the way these layoffs are done and the way we treat those who got laid off isn't fair.

We as a team have been working with them for years on the product. We all together have amassed a wealth of knowledge about the product. We learned so much from each other. We all worked as a team in every aspect. And at a personal level to each team member, it is Years of friendships, camaraderie and teamwork. Some of them have worked on the very product much longer than those of us who are still in the team, survived.

But when it was time to let some of us go, we let them go as if they mean nothing to the rest of the team. As a team, its not fair. I wish we had a team meeting to thank them, share their reflections, learnings and wish them good luck as a team. I wish we had planned to spend some time with them so that we can transfer their extensive knowledge and insights into product areas they have been working all these years. Those who survived may never be able to replace them, but at least could help the product to continue when they are no longer available. 

You work for years together. One day, an email announces that it is the last day at work and you will not see them any more at work.

I felt it is plain stupid the way it works. I wish there is more humane way. I wish there is more respectful way. I wish there is more reasonable way. I wish there is a better way to say we valued them as team members and if there is a chance, we whole heartedly welcome them back to team again.

I wish there is a better way to bid farewell.


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