We Only Believe What We Can Believe

We only believe what we are comfortable with and what we can accommodate. Everything else is totally ‘unbelievable’. Either, we just ignore or suspect the Messenger as we think it must have been totally made up.

But truth could be totally something else, many a times.

Same thing with your own Dreams. Just like we discard that ‘incredible’ stuff, we discard and discount our own dreams too. So if you want to achieve something incredible, you must first get comfortable with the fact that it is indeed possible. Not just day dreaming. But real solid feeling that something could be done, whether you believe you may succeed in that or not.  That is the reason it’s a MUST to start working towards it ASAP.  More you spend time on that day dream, the more realistic it would become. And pretty soon, you will become comfortable and believe, “I CAN DO IT”.

It would be great if you can find somebody that went through similar cycle or have done similar stuff. But,

Do NOT let what you can not do interfere with what you CAN DO.

-- John Wooden

And if you think about, if you love Software, you have it in your Genes.


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