The Plight of Volleyball Courts in Russell Creek Park, Plano

I read great stories and reports about Plano that Plano is one of the best and arguably one of the most affluent cities. I wonder why City maintains these volleyball courts in Russelcreek park in such a horrible and unsafe conditions for so long.

One of our friends complained back in August 2009 about the plight of these courts. It appears nothing has been done and conditions have only gone worse since then.

Looking at these grounds, I am quite sure that no city official paid a visit to these grounds since that complaint made or made sure otherwise these grounds are maintained well and safer. Hope at least they can take a look at these pictures and do something.

Please do send an email to Plano city officials with these pictures or pass the URL to them. Hope, we will have better and safer grounds soon.

photo (8)

The East Court : Hope this pole stay strong for few more days…! ( Pole on the east side)

photo (9)

The East Court : West side pole. You can also see the condition of the net.

photo (10)

West side court and the condition of Net.

photo (11)

Condition of the Sand in both grounds; look how coarse it is.

photo (12)

See how deep you have to dig in the sand before you hit this hard surface; just  about an inch or inch and a half.

Please pass these pictures and send an email or make a call to City officials. Mean time, try look for a ground that has soft sand and safer.


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