Trends : ASP.NET MVC Vs Ruby on Rails (RoR)

While discussing about the trend charts of .NET Versions over lunch yesterday, the discussion led to ASP.NET MVC and how does it fare against Ruby On Rails (ROR). Ofcourse, we are just talking about Search Patterns here.  So here is the search Patterns chart between RoR and ASP.NET MVC.


It is quite a surprising chart though. Try interpreting the chart and let us know your thoughts.


D0cNetet said…
Chart shows clear emerging interest for ASP.NET MVC and a declining but steady interest for RoR. My guess is as devs compare the two, depending on the new developments in the MS stack (i.e. Razor, etc...) , ASP.NET MVC will see a gradual rise is search volume.
gangelo said…
Looks to me like RoR meets mvc hype. RoR, IMHO, is descending from its hype-honeymoon (2006) and gently returning to earth and stabilizing (2010) while mvc is in its hype-honeymoon at present (2010). has some interesting stats regarding job trends: and
ccc said…
an interesting point is if you look at the complete google trends result by country, RoR is primarily US/Japan while ASP.NET MVC is dominated by India

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