A Day In the Life of A Second Grader in India

No Fun. No Physical activity. No extra-curricular activities. About a 17 hour busy schedule. Every day. For a second Grader? Its ridiculous, to say the least, that a typical day in the life of a “Second Grader” lasts 17 hours and is no different than a busy professional. Why in the world, a second grader has to work so hard ?

My brother’s son is a second grader, so I looked at his typical day but I suspect every other kid out there in India has a similar hectic schedule (may save a little on commute on residential schools, but compensated by 3 additional additional extra hours for better grades).

  • Wake up at 6 AM
  • Daily Chores + Breakfast + Get ready for school by 7.00AM
  • Take School Bus at 7.00AM and reach by 9AM to school
  • 9AM – 12AM School
  • 12 to 1PM  Lunch Hour
  • 1PM to 4PM School
  • 4PM to 5.30PM Extra Study Hours for advancing (???????) Grades 
  • 5.30PM to 7.30PM In the bus back home
  • Chores and Dinner by 8.30PM
  • Finish Home Work by 9.30PM
  • May Go to bed at 9.30 PM ONLY if there is NO TV + Video Games. As you can guess, that’s simply not possible. So add at least another hour or so. Normally go to bed around 11PM.

Huh? Why in the world, a second grader has to study so hard ?


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