WordPress 2.8.5 : XML Brackets Stripped Off When Using XMLRPC

One of the best features of Wordpress is the ability to upgrade to a newer version by just clicking on a link from the dashboard. So, whenever I see a new version available, I just go ahead and upgrade to the latest version.

Just a couple of days of back I upgraded to 2.8.5. Everything went smooth, no issues what so ever. Later in the day, when I published a post from Windows Live Writer, I suddenly found that the post actually lost all HTML formatting. Didn’t know what happened. I quickly searched for any 2.8.5 problems with XMLRPC. But did not see anything other than some comments that XMLRPC has been updated to work better.

I did a full reinstall. But didn’t fix the problem. I did a full installation of latest Wordpress in a separate folder, but that also had this problem.  I checked an old blog I hadn’t upgraded in a while, but I found that also had this issue.

I was quite baffled. Before I did the upgrade everything was working fine. I published a post on 30th of October 2009 from WLW. No issues. And now I find issues not only in this upgraded blog, but all blogs on my host. Not sure how did that happen.

Anyways, today while searching on the internet, I found a solution.   Thanks a ton to Joseph Scott. It appears it has something to do with libxml version on my host. Didn’t understand how my wordpress installation worked all the while until 2.8.5 with the same libxml version but failed after the upgrade.

Link to the wordpress Plugin Libxml2 Fix:


Anyway, I installed the plugin and still didn’t work. Later I found on the plugin developer’s blog a comment by another user on how to check for libxml version on the host and update the plugin code accordingly to use it.

Original blog post where I found the comment talking about updating the plugin to a different version :


I just checked it on my host SiteGroud and found that it got 2.6.3 and I updated the plugin file to include this version as well. Now all works fine.

Thanks a bunch.


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