Nobel Laureates Of Indian Connection

VenkyRamanVenkatraman RamaKrishnan, of Indian origin has been awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with two other researchers.

Though he is no longer a citizen of India, most Indians and media alike took little pride as he was born in India. Another ‘person of Indian origin’, hmm!

You can read a brief interview recorded while announcing the Prize at the office Nobel Prize site here.


Its not the first time, actually it happened most of the times, that a person of Indian origin gets a Nobel prize but he no longer a citizen of India, if that tells us something. We take pride anyways, as it really mean something to most of us.

The Nobel Prizes, instituted in 1901, annually honor outstanding contributions to literature, world peace and various sciences. Eight Indian citizens or people of Indian origin have been honored to date, but legally only 2 of Indian citizenship, and only three of Indian origin. -- Nobel laureates of India, Wikipedia

Some well known Nobel Laureates as of date (in the order): Ravindranath Tagore (1913) , C.V. Raman (1930) ,HaraGovind Khurana (1968) ,Mother Theresa (1979),Chandrasekhar (1983) and Amartya Sen and (1998)




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