INDIA : Inching up in Scientific Research ??

There are various reports that try to measure the capability of scientific research and innovation of a county by measuring number of articles and publications originating from that country. I don’t know whether that is an effective measure, but it appears, India is inching up slowly in this area.

India has a long and distinguished history as a country of learning, knowledge and innovation. India is a huge part of and a vital source of influence on the future global economy. In the recent past, however, it has failed to realize its undoubted potential as a home for world-class research. There are signs that there is now a change in trajectory that will bring India up to the level where it can begin to realize its potential, to the benefit of its own population and economy as well as contributing to global knowledge networks.

Report: INDIA : Research and collaboration in the new geography of science (Thomson Reuters)

Despite of recent Moon Mission and some advances in developing indigenous missiles, common perception of India in the area of Scientific research is quite dim. We may have the largest young population and claim Indians are smart and innovative, but when was the last time any of us used anything that is a product of indigenous India?


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