Lunch Bites : Go To, C and C++

For some time, some of my friends have been getting together for lunch every day. And we discuss a wide variety of topics everyday. Some make us all laugh at ourselves. Some just on current affairs. Some are really heated discussions. And there are some that leave the rest of the day thinking. Would like to share a few thoughts on the blog, as topics are getting more and more engaging as days pass by.

Today’s topic of the day started with whether use of ‘Goto’ is good or bad in C/C++ programming and kind of ended with whether knowing lower level internals of the programming language make you any better programmer.

While some of us believe use of ‘GoTo’ is outright bad in terms of structure and maintainability, some believe that it has its rightful place in programming and it can be used without hampering the structure, for good.

And there is another notion, that C/C++ programmers are better than Java Programmers, as Java provide safer and much better abstraction and let programmers escape without knowing any internals of how the program works, unlike most early c/c++ programmers do.

In a way, more sophisticated a tool becomes, more will be the focus on the business (end goal) instead of bogged down by the act of programming itself. In that way, Java may be better for business than c/c++. Well, not everybody agree on that.


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