Engineering Greener Designs : China’s Example

At first look, it struck to me like an Engineering marvel and epitome of architectural expression of China’s creativity. But there is lot more to this magnificent building than just amazing aesthetics. 

For one, Going green is not an afterthought but an integral part of design and engineering. The beautiful arch is in fact array of solar cells. The building is built with 88% energy efficiency. Wow !!

The Sun-Moon Mansion, Himin Solar Energy's headquarters in Dezhou (Source: BusinessWeek)

More about the mansion here.


Sun-Moon Mansion is the main conference hall of the 4th International solar city conference in 2010. The building, covering an area of 750,000m², functions display, R&D, working, meeting, training, hotel, recreation, etc. It adopts solar technologies on hot water supplying, heating and cooling, PV power generation, etc, which breaks phenomenon of tremendous conventional energy consumption. Perfectly combining solar applications with construction, this building is undoubtedly prized as the model of comprehensive solar applications in construction.

Energy efficiency is high up to 88% with 70% in total and 60% in heating and cooling, which is much higher than 50%, the national standard in public construction. It can save standard coals of 2640ton, electricity of 6,600,000kwh and reduce pollution of 8672.4ton.

China has a National standard for Public Construction to achieve a 50% energy efficiency. Wondering how other developing and developed countries fare on this kind of commitment to go green.

Few amazing pictures of the building:

The outside view of the Sun-Moon Mansion

Night view of the Sun-Moon Mansion

More about the mansion here.


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