You Voted. Now YOU Set The Agenda for NEXT Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

People of Andhra Pradesh have exercised their fundamental right of democracy to elect their next Government with a whopping 72.5% turnover. While every political party has feverishly pitched their plans, they gave little chance for individual voters to raise their local issues and ask questions.

Ask a question or Vote for a question today. Click on the following link:

Set Agenda For The Next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh 

In about 20 days, the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh will be decided. Its time for the People of Andhra Pradesh to set the Agenda for the new Government. Whoever the next CM, we will take the top voted 50 questions and get answers with an action plan to each of the questions right from the NEW Chief Minister.

And we also would like to take questions relevant to each Constituency to their elected representative for their answers and action plan.

So exercise your right to ask a question and demand an action plan. This process is entirely democratic. Ask a question and vote for other questions. Invite your friends from the community to raise their concerns and vote for questions. The top 50 voted questions will be presented to the new Chief Minister.

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