VOTE 2009 : RIA for Andhra Elections

Snapshots of a cool RIA application that provide Andhra Elections at a glance. List of constituencies, various details about each constituency that include current voter strength, list of contestants and results in previous elections in a particular constituency.

My biggest objective in designing this application is to impress with a clutter free, stylish grayish design. And, Best of all, NO advertisements, what so ever.


The application is available at

Dashboard of Current Predictions

The app displays current trend and prediction of Andhra Assembly elections on the top the application. It has two different estimates.


The first one is based on research of Media reports, selective user interviews and trend estimates. The second one is based on survey of users visiting Yes To Politics website.

As of now, TDP alliance is leading in both while PRP is running closely behind.

Main Screen

Once loaded, the app displays list of Districts on the left side bar and also provide list of Assembly Constituencies in that district ( as per new Delimitation rules for 2009 Elections). It also loads the first Constituency in that list on the right hand content section.

The first cool thing you will notice is it positions the Constituency on the map and smoothly panes to that location. It immediately displays the Polling date for the constituency and a link to go to headquarters.


2009 Election Details

On the details section, the app displays Voter statistics of this constituency, its corresponding Parliamentary constituency and the district. It also displays the status of this constituency as per new Delimitation rules. ACTIVE means, no changes. And ADDED for newly added constituencies.

This section also provide list of contestants from various parties in this constituency.


Previous Election Results

The next section display the results from previous elections beginning from 1978. Lists out name of the Winner, the party represented and a % of votes obtained to win. Users can go Constituency headquarters to get more details about each election in the constituency.


The application also displays list of Parliamentary Constituencies in similar fashion, though previous Election information is not displayed for Parliamentary constituencies.

Access the application right away here:

What do you think? Please let me know your comments, suggestions and any other questions you may have.


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