Praja Rajyam Party Vice President Resigns

Praja Rajyam Party vice president Anjaneya Reddy resigned from the party citing unable to find the change  he love to bring in the political party and asserting that Praja Rajyam party is no different than Congress and Telugu Desam party and others.


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Recently I have expressed similar sentiment that I was not able to see the ‘Change’ the party has been talking about. The party is talking like others, acting like others and spending money desperately to come to power like others and selling tickets like others. I even noted the way they have copied the manifesto and key messages from NTR and LokSatta. Their website is a copy cat of Barack Obama’s website.

Now this is a confirmation from none other than the party’s vice President that he did not find the party any different from other political parties.

The only different I have seen so far is that the party is championing a clever exploitation of caste in the state in the name of Social justice.

What a shameless politics !


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PRP Shan said…
Can PRP reject a person from working for the party betterment with a motive to get the seat later when the fact is the party is just launched and the thought of allotting seats has not arise â?? Of course Not.

If more than 1 person is asking for the same Assembly/Lok Sabha seat then to how many people can PRP allot a seat based on their confidence and party allotment criteria? ONE

Will the remaining people who are not allotted a seat tell to the Media that PRP did not have the confidence in him/her so they were not given the seat? Of course Not

Is there cost involved in running daily road shows â?? YES
Is there cost involved in running Ads in the Media â?? YES
Is there cost Involved in Running the Party Offices â?? YES

Does this money have to come from Party Bank Balance â?? YES
Does Party Bank Balance improve with out raising Party Fund â?? NO

Is YSR justified in giving 80+ seats to Reddyâ??s alone and ignoring other OC castes completely? NO
Is CBN plain opportunistic in a ton of ways with no integrity? NO

Is YSR corrupt? YES
Is CBN corrupt? YES
Is Allu Aravind corrupt? For asking much needed party fund

Did CBN Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? YES
Did YSR Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? YES
Did Chiranjeevi Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? NO

Chiranjeevi earned money through his own hard work and talent - YES
Did YSR family earn so much in just 5 years through plain Hard Work? NO
Did CBN family earn so much in just 9 years through plain Hard Work? NO

Majority of the Media Tycoons have affiliation to a party? YES
Does PRP have a channel supporting them as in case of Congress and TDP â?? NO

Will Congress be headed by an outsider other than Indira, Rajeev, Soniaâ?¦? NO
Will TDP be headed by an Outsider other than NTR, CBN, NBKâ?¦? NO
PRP Shan said…
There are only 2 castes ruling the state and have a claim to be CM of AP in present times.
In particular Cine field is dominated by Kammas and Politics is dominated by Reddys.
You have to have unbelievable courage to stand up against a mistake committed by Kammas in Krishna region and Reddys in Rayalaseema region.

More than 90% of reddys vote for congress or a reddy candidate.
More than 90% of the kammas vote for TDP or a kamma candidate.
More than 90% of the reddys are pro sakshi paper and TV channel.
More than 90% of the Kammas are pro Eenadu paper and TV channel.
Do you by any chance see a state wide pattern here…

The circulation of news papers like Eenadu, Sakshi and Andhra Jothi account for more than 75% of the total circulation.
They can take any message as they see it to any corner of the state and only they have the infrastructure and network to do that.

Not all 100% Kammas are rich and not all 100% Reddys are rich.
This is not to say Kammas and Reddys are bad. May be they are hard working compared to others. May be their families are more disciplined compared to others. May be they are more ambitious compared to others. Some or all the above…

But the naked fact that we are talking about just 10% or less of Andhra population.
The total percentage of these 2 castes is well below 10% of the state population according the 2004 Indian population statistics. This fact makes me feel less and little insecure.

No ordinary man can challenge this system.
Chiranjeevi is no ordinary man. He challenged.
If they can keep Chiranjeevi down they can keep the present system of your community leader for 1 or 2 terms followed by my community leader for 1 or 2 terms pattern for a long time.
They may succeed to suppress him but this man won my vote because he tried to change.
Murali said…
This is what I was fearing because of Chiranjeevi's social justice gimmick. Everybody will start thinking in the lines of caste and analyze everything in that angle and assume no shame for doing so. In a way, it makes caste an important factor before anything.

What PRP Shan so conveniently ignoring is that Kammas are a minority groups in Andhra, just about 5%. Even if they vote 100% to a specific party, it doesn't really matter. Same goes with Reddy's too, though they are about 8% of the total population. They don't decide anything. Rest of the people do.

Looking everything from Caste colors is a shameful and totally embarasing w. Unfortunately PRP and Chiranjeevi are championing the exploitation.

I thought Chiranjeevi will be a different and better leader, but I have been totally wrong about it. I had great expectations so does so many entries on my blog.

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