Parakala, chief secretary of Praja Rajyam party resigns

Chief Secretary of Praja Rajyam party, and the first three members in the party has resigned from the party, citing serious poisonous interests in the party and declaring that party is beyond repair.

Party Vice President resigned. Party chief secretary resigned. Will this affect anything in Elections?  I guess, it will have a serious effect.  Before this disastrous array of resignations from the top of the party line, TheWeek Survey projected that PRP could gather only 57 Assembly seats behind Congress and TDP. Now with this disaster so close to elections, it may cost quite dear to the party.

imageHe is one of the top three members that were quite effective in projecting a thoughtful and disciplined image to Praja Rajyam party so far. Now, he resigned from the party in quite a dramatic fashion that could seriously cost the upcoming elections for the party.

Farewell Speech Right From the Party Office

Quite shockingly, so far one of the most respected leaders in the party, has come to party office to submit his resignation and setup a news conference right from the party office. He publicly expressed dismay and frustration and has made quite disastrous comments about the party.

The party is poisonous and every body had their own Business plans to setup the party and Chiranjeevi has no control over the party that the party is now officially beyond repair. He even went on to advise people that they should not get cheated by Praja Rajyam and should stop dreaming that PRP will do any good to people other than fulfilling their own business plans.


Is there any truth in his words? Is is just a retaliation for not allocating seats to him or his supporters? or is it much bigger than we all think?

In some aspects, even then, PRP is still better than others. But if anything in Parakala’s words are true, People of Andhra Pradesh will be cheated, one more time.


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