Has Telugu Desam Party lost the election already?

If the way the whole drama of seat adjustment between the Grand Alliance partners is any indication of what we can expect if the alliance comes in to power, one can infer that it will be a total disaster. The Grand alliance did not appear anything but just a marriage of convenience. In the minds of many people, TDP has already lost the election even before a single vote is cast. If at all anything gets reversed it would be due to filmy drama of Jr. N.T.R just like Chiranjeevi.

  • No Common agenda/manifesto yet.
  • Not clear if left parties and TRS would join the government if the alliance wins. If they don’t join, it would be so predictable that TDP won’t stand a chance to run even for a few months (if wins, of course).
  • Just 14 more days to go, except the Movie stars Bala Krishna and junior NTR, TDP hasn’t done any serious campaigning yet.
  • Lost already many leaders to Congress and PRP, some are quite a key in many constituencies.
  • YSR’s serious criticism on political back stabbing and reversal of people friendly policies by Chandra Babu Naidu are 100% true and quite difficult to argue against.
  • Even though, Telugu Desam party over all has done lots of great things to state of Andhra Pradesh, there are so many policies that TDP under Chandra Babu naidu is now taking a complete u-turn in this election:
  • TDP always believed in Samaikhya Andhra (United Andhra). Now TDP is in favor of separate Telangana state.
  • Free electricity. Chandra Babu had been always against such populist promises and had been believed to be more pragmatic. But now, is on the reverse.
  • TDP promised abolition of liquor in the state to come to power and Babu brought liquor back to the state pretty quickly.
  • TDP started many special export zones to develop the state and has successfully instated many business friendly policies. Now opposing almost every SEZ in the name of injustice to local communities.
  • And more, free color TVs !

I will be quite surprised if TDP could garner any majority in this election. So far, Congress and unfortunately PRP are set to lead in most constituencies.


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