WordPress Login : Rendering in Different Browsers

When it comes to rendering, the world’s fastest browser, my favorite Google Chrome still has some rough edges. I mean, really some rough edges. It has trouble rendering rounded corners on WordPress login page. See how a WordPress login page is rendered on different browsers. I am on Microsoft Vista.

Google Chrome : Not happy with round edges and shadow

Issues: Round corners are not transparent enough and shows thick black edges. And somehow shows a much wider shadow (compared to Apple Safari)


Apple Safari : The Best

Finest and quite crisp when it comes to rendering content. See how the it stands out from the page and just enough shadow.


Firefox : Just Fine

Renders round edges fine but completely misses out on the shadows. So the form looks more like embedded in to the page rather than standing out floated (like in Apple Safari)


Internet Explorer 7 : Completely ignores round edges, but better than Google Chrome

IE completely ignored round edges and has the same problem with shadows (like Firefox). But looks much better than Google Chrome as there are no black edges.


Apple Safari is the best when it comes to rendering. Its even much better (compared to all others) to render indic scripts (like Telugu). See a clipping of the home page of Andhra daily news paper, Eenadu in Apple Safari. Its beautiful. (Google chrome is worst for rendering Telugu)



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