Media War in Andhra Politics : Eenadu and Sakshi

Its quite obvious that Media in Andhra is almost totally biased towards one party and promote that party. Eenadu is quite well known to support TDP while Saskhi is literally owned by Congress.  And TV stations are doing the same with Maa TV literally campaigning 24x7 for Chiranjeevi.

The problem is that none of them admit it openly. They try to project them selves as ‘fair media’. And the clash between each other is so obvious then. Most contentious are the fights between Eenadu and Sakshi. They even went a head put a seperate microsites on their websites to extend the war.

Sakshi questions Eenadu reports with ‘Edi Nijam?’ (what is the truth?) while Eenadu setup a ‘Pencounter’ to reject fight back.



Finally, anybody know who is right and fair in reporting? I guess, None.


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