Does Separate Telangana Really Help?

With almost all political parties singing the 'Separate Telangana' tune, I have been wondering for a while, whether Separate Telangana really help the region and people of Telangana?

It was surprising to see that every political party, says the same thing: Telangana was neglected and only the other regions were getting all the development.

Who to Blame? Aren't the same Politicians ?

When they were in Power, when they represented the People, why didn't they say a word so far? Why didn't they ever propose a bill that would help the region grow? Or oppose a bill that would unfairly help other regions and neglect Telangana.

Was there in the history that any thing like that happen? As far as I could recollect and research, there were just 1 or 2 instances, but nothing major.

So how does it help to give power to the same politicians that neglected the region (if that is true) all the while?

The Greed For Power

I believe, the greed for power by select politicians and changing political equations is the reason. Every body want to become CM of something, number 1 of something and rule something.

How does it really help the region if made as a separate state?

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