How does an Andhra voter decide?

I don't think anybody can answer that question, as a majority of Andhra voters vote based on impulses rather than a rational thinking and analysis. News papers have greatly influenced elections in Andhra Pradesh so far and I am sure this time it will be 'TV's fair share of credit as Film Star turned Chiranjeevi entered politics.

Found this first of its kind Survey of a select few friends of the author on why they vote. Quite interesting and little disturbing too. Only 12% think Election manifesto is important and 92% says caste is an important factor.

How Andhra Voters decide who to vote?

  • What is ONE important thing you consider to decide who to vote?
    1. 69%  based on Chief Ministerial candidate
    2. 48% based on Party previous Performance
    3. 28% based on local MLA
    4. 12% based on Election Manifesto
  • 92% said, 'caste' is an important deciding factor in every aspect of the decision at both local and state level.
  • Source: How Andhra Voters decide who to vote?


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