Chiranjeevi : The SPYing Strategy For Elections

Watch this internal meeting broadcast, reportedly recorded and leaked (believed to be quite deliberately) out to public, where Chiranjeevi explain the political strategy of Spying on other political leaders to win in the elections.

So finally, this is what Praja Rajyam is all about?

This is the inspiration Chiranjeevi got from Abdul Kalam, Gandhiji and Mother Theresa? How cheap politicians can go? leaving the ideology aside, to win in the elections?

May be, we are too naive to expect anything different from politicians. We thought, Politics will change fro good with the introduction of Chiranjeevi, but Chiranjeevi is changing himself to fit into politics instead.


chiru said…
this blog looks like a chiru hate blog. they only talk about chiru and criticize vehemently. why don't you guys just say that you like other party and hate chiru.
Swarna said…
We respect your opinion. To an extent we agree that we have focussed little more on Chiranjeevi than anything else.

But, this is a misunderstanding. We are seriously evaluating Chiranjeevi and criticizing what we don't like because, we are expecting him to be a new generation Leader and role model in Politics. Not just another politician.

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