Politics : 'We will win All East and West Godavari Seats by 20,000 Majority' - Praja Rajyam

So far, we have seen comments that are confident, hopeful and realistic from Praja Rajyam party. But gaining criticism against the party from Congress and TDP seems to have caused bit of frenzy in the minds of Praja Rajyam office bearers.

First Prediction of Electoral Results

They revealed what they are banking on to win in the elections : unconditional support of people from East and West Godavari districts. In other words, the support of 100% of Kapu community living in these Godavari districts.

Will it end up to be just Kapu's party?

Its long been believed that 100% of Kapu community will go blind fold and vote for Chiranjeevi. Now, the first two office bearers of Praja Rajyam confirms the belief the party itself had on those two districts.

We don't think it was a thoughtful gesture for any sort. It is naive, foolish and plain stupid to assert that they would win, specifically only Godavari districts.

Fact Check:  List of Constituencies :

East Godavari (19) : Amalapuram, Anaparthy, Gannavaram, Jaggampeta, Kakinada City, Kakinada Rural, Kothapeta, Mandapeta, Mummidivaram, Peddapuram, Pithapuram, Prathipadu, Rajahmundry City, Rajahmundry Rural, Rajanagaram, Ramachandrapuram,  Rampachodovaram,  Razole,  Tuni

West Godavari(15) : Achanta, Bhimavaram, Chintalapudi, Denduluru, Eluru, Gopalapuram, Kovvur, Narsapuram, Nidadavole, Palacole, Polavaram, Tadepalligudem, Tanuku, Undi, Ungutur

No Exodus of Leaders

Unlike most expected, there was no exodus of Party leaders from other parties to come and join Chiranjeevi. So far, only a couple of senior party leaders, who happened to be Kapu leaders joined the party. No major blow to Congress or Telugu Desam so far.

CPI(M) Turned Down Praja Rajyam's Offer

Praja Rajyam courted CPI(M) leaders to form an election coalition to defeat  Congress, but CPI(M) turned down the offer citing 'no clarity' in Praja Rajyam as the main reason. And TDP intensified its effort to turn CPI leaders to TDP. Fearing that public may consider this as a blow to the party, Praja Rajyam leaders quickly announced that 'they don't join any coalition' and go all alone.

It will be interesting to see whether the first 'movie' style tour will lure any senior leaders from other parties to join Praja Rajyam.


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