Politics : Why Devender Goud Left TDP?

We mentioned recently that we have came to know a bit shocking (to us) revelation of the reasons behind the exit of TDP's No.2 leader Devender Goud and starting his own NTPP party.

Close to the party cadres says the following when we grilled what led to his exit:

  1. Devender Goud is very well respected in TDP and many call him No.2 in TDP., next only to Chandra Babu Naidu.
  2. If Chiranjeevi comes into politics, TDP will loose big time, in his own words, 'TDP is a sinking ship'. Congress has enough money to alter the dynamics.  Chiranjeevi has mass following. TDP has none. So it would be wise to shift gears and change the vehicle.
  3. Even if TDP somehow survive or win the elections, He will always be a No.2, and can never become a Chief minister.
  4. Since he was respected in the party cadre and in the people, if he starts a new party, he could be the No.1. Don't join TRS, but start his own.
  5. Fight for Seperate Telangana has been intensified recently with TRS's good show in sub-elections, shows Telangana People are really looking for a Seperate state, he could well become the Chief Minister if everything works out well.
  6. Even if nothing works out, now he is seen at the same level of YSR, Chandra Babu and Chiranjeevi. No longer a No.2.

While, we don't think he will ever become a CM of Andhra Pradesh, he could well become CM of Telangana if he could leverage his political might and Telangana becomes a Seperate state.


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