Politics : (Much Worse) Intimidation in Politics, The Movie Style !!

Intimidation is not new to Politics, but not this way. So far, we have seen direct criticism on policies, statements and predictions. But the movie style of intimidation takes it to a new style.

They Used To Physically Attack. Now they found a better way.

If you criticize Praja Rajyam party, then you will get a bouquet of flowers every where you go. If you criticize Chiranjeevi, people will start offering prayers in the temple for your well-being. That's the movie style. The same fans, used to attack you and your belongings a little earlier. Now they think they found a better form of intimidation, the movie style.

Gandhigiri or Rowdyism under the hood

You can take direct criticism, with a pinch of salt, and be okay with it. But this kind of movie style 'criticism' certainly intimidates more than any thing. Though it looks like the 'Gandhian' way, I don't think it is. Its a movie style soft version of 'Rowdyism'. Most respectful way and dignified way of showing your response to criticism is to either offer a genuine response to the criticism and prove them wrong or respectfully ignore as baseless.  Going to their (other leader's) meetings, and offering them Roses or offering prayers is a worst form of intimidation, worse than threatening like a rowdy.

Politics, Presented to You By Movie Industry

With the introduction of Chiranjeevi in to politics and impending surge of Movie stars (TDP is brining in NTR family and Congress is trying to rope in a few too)  in to Politics in various parties, people of Andhra Praedesh can expect to see the effect of Movies every where.

Political meetings orchestrated by Art Directors, Speeches written by famous Dialogue writers, Songs by Movie song writers and performed in live or in studio by the same Music directors, and Producers pitching in loads of money as they also invest in the Political careers, every thing is Movies.  TVs, the smaller screen versions, also revving up with mixing Movie clips with Political statements, often confusing people what is movie and what is real life statement.

Intimidation is Intimidation, irrespective of the Weapon Used

Obviously, it doesn't stop there. Followers and fans started imitating scenes from movies, or improvising in real life, to intimidate people and leaders that are critical of their party.

Intimidation is intimidation. It doesn't matter whether you threaten with a knife and attack with stones or offer flowers. Everybody know your intentions.


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