Politics : Everybody is Ready For The Most Unlikely Debate

First, the idea of a debate with YS Raja Sekhar Reddy right on, was brushed aside by Chiranjeevi saying he got no time to dabble. But then a more thoughtful reply came in, saying that He is ready if YSR himself appear in the debate.

Despite 'movie' style fights for a open debate on State development by both sides, we think, finally happening of a Debate is most unlikely.

Politically speaking, leaders from both sides know there is no conceivable benefit from actually having such a debate, than just talking about it in the press. Last time, Lok Satta attempted to arrange such a debate on very fair grounds, but all efforts and vision of Jay Prakash went in vain. Political parties know a lot better than informing people.

Most allegations today's politicians make against other leaders, won't stand a fact check or face to face dialogue.

Praja Rajyam (PR) president Chiranjeevi on Monday declared that he was ready for a public debate with Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on the State’s development.

Initially though, in reply to a question whether he would take the challenge thrown by Information Minister Anam Ramnarayan Reddy, he said he had no time for dabbling in debates. He was busy finalising his tour programme of going to people, apart from crystallising policy papers explaining his party’s stand on various issues.

Mr. Chiranjeevi made it clear that his focus was on meeting as many people as possible before taking up his ‘yatra’.

He said his priorities lay in touring the entire State and covering as many mandals as possible and talking to people in the districts and taking their feedback.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh News : Chiru ready for debate with YSR

Trickling .. Trickling .. Praja Rajyam expands its memberships

Though at trickling rate, everyday at least 4 or 5 Politicians are joining Praja Rajyam party leaving their current parties in despair or lack of identity. Once  seats are finalized in Congress and TDP, We expect many more to join the party.


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