Welcome to SwarnaAndhra Harivillu

Welcome to SwarnaAndhra Harivillu v0.1

On Harivillu, our primary blog at SwarnaAndhra v0.1 we attempt to share, explore and reveal true colors of news and events that shape SwarnaAndhra.

We are a bunch of youngsters that strongly believe in Swarna Andhra Pradesh. However, we feel we haven't started that journey yet. So we initiate SwarnaAndhra v0.1. Will explain more on the whole SwarnaAndhra v0.1 project in next few days.

We don't mistake HiTEC Park or a number of IT companies or industries or growing number of engineering colleges as a true depiction of SwarnaAndhra. We think, that's just an Industrially developed Andhra, not really a Swarna Andhra that we have been dreaming of.

In the coming days, we will share with you what constitutes SwarnaAndhra in our hearts. And also share with you our own action plan to realize true Swarna Andhra Pradesh.

If you agree with us and want to join the journey, for now, please leave a comment on this post. We will setup a separate Team page shortly to join the team. If you differ with our views, it will be wonderful to have you around to critique our efforts and achieve more clarity on the whole project.

Welcome and Thank you for joining the Journey,
Team at SwarnaAndhra Harivillu v0.1


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