SwarnaAndhra Harivillu v0.1: More Reservations On The Way in Andhra Pradesh ...!

More reservations??

Here is a list of confirmed commitments from various political parties:

  1. Congress awards 4% of Reservations (from the existing 27% OBCs quota) for Muslims in Educational Institutions, already approved by Supreme Court.
  2. Telugu Desam is thinking of awarding Reservations in Private sector for SCs.
  3. Kapu Community, almost a 30% contingent in the state has been fighting for Reservations too to be included in BC list. YSR has been publicly promising 'justice' will be done to them 'very soon'.
  4. If Chiranjeevi comes to power, all key objectives of  Kapunadu will be fulfilled (as per most Chiru proponents), that include Reservations to Kapu community in Andhra Pradesh.

SwarnaAndhra Harivillu v0.1: Politics : More Reservations On The Way in Andhra Pradesh ...!


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