Startups : Investment Yogi, a financial portal

Financial education is the most important education each one of us so desperately need, but often ignored and definitely not taught any where in colleges. Many of us learn a few good habits and strategies from parents and friends, but exposure is pretty limited.

There are so many Personal Finance portals out there on the Internet but none that caters to our conditions. Here is a good news. is a comprehensive personal portal founded by a bunch of NRIs that are returning to Hyderabad. It features Tax planning, online portpolio tracking, financial planning especially for NRIs and a ton of articles and resources.

If you haven't noticed..

Its quite common to see names that end with 'Guru', but the team did give a thought to stay different with 'Yogi' at the end.

Don't miss these great videos that teach a few basics of Personal finance on the site.


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