Politics : Why I pray with Love, For Chiru To Fail in Politics

A reaction by a hard core Chiranjeevi fan from Kakinada in Email, to today's news on T-Party to Film industry by Chiranjeevi:

"I love Chiru more than my brother and I offered prayers today that Chiru annaya would see how bad politicians are and fail in Politics to come back to very movies that made him our beloved Hero. People around him are hungry for power, money and fame, the very things that  Chiru annayya always hated so much. I don't want to loose a great Hero.  He resisted Politics for so long, and finally these guys got into his mind in the name of Public service.

In an very emotional speech by Chiranjeevi during Vajrotsav Meeting of Films, he said, he would go to the place where he has come from (film industry to the humble beginning with half-filled stomachs) and make more meaningful movies to prove to a point that he deserve the 'Legendary' status (that he could not accept that day), he would stay in Movies and gain more appreciation from public. Watch his speech on that day, and fast forward to last two minutes of the speech.

Now, Chiranjeevi is saying 'Good Bye' to the very Film industry that brought him to this level.  Though he says he would come if there is a good subject of Educational movies, as he enters into Politics, it would be very unlikely that he would come back to movies if he achieve any success in Politics.

I am a huge fan of Chiranjeevi and I love him so much that I am quite scared about how politics would change his reputation and image. There are very few good men in Politics and those good men wouldn't last longer. Good and Politics doesn't go hand-in-hand, I am quite scared that people around him change him so much that he would become another politician if he succeed. And we would loose a great person and see just another politician.

Show me one great political leader of this age, that is honest, good and really care for People. Even if he wins, people around will cheat him left and right for their own motives and may kill him. See what happened to NTR, that came into politics with similar motives and what happened to him, the biggest real life drama and cheating I have ever seen in this world that we know of. It is so unfortunate and shame to the bones of everyone in Andhra that those that killed NTR, are still reigning as great political leaders.

While, I will continue to put my blood in every activity that Chiranjeevi annayya does, with so much love on him and his recent movies with great inspiration and message, I pray to god, that he realize the plot woven around him and his reputation and he wouldn't succeed in politics and come back to films, the mother and father of his very success."

There were some fans that felt Chiranjeevi would loose his reputation and good name if he enters politics, but nobody like this, would go to that level of praying in order to fail Chiranjeevi. Quite remarkable affection for the hero. We have seen fans that went on rampage to almost killed Raja Sekhar and his family for saying Chiranjeevi doesn't have any political experience. Now we are seeing a different fan, on the other extreme.  Either way, Chiru's fans are quite aggressive and well fan'atic.


vamsi said…
This is too thoughtful and sensitive for a Chiranjeevi fan, that it looks like somebody who hates Chiranjeevi wrote this. Anyways, I too think, you can not keep your sanity in politics and Chandrababy naidu killed NTR and still roaming on the streets like an innocent. Shame on our justice system.
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