Politics : Chiranjeevi Starting On The Right Foot

With B.R. Ambedkar, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Phule as backdrop for the Party and by enrolling a fan of Chiranjeevi with disabilities as the first member of his party (yet to be announced), Chiranjeevi is starting his real life political career on the right foot.

He is clearly sending the message that he care about poorer people and people with disabilities and emboldening the 'service to people' as motto of his party and his dream of coming in to power.

Even if it is just a political game, as Jagriti team says it, we all believe that he is playing it right and solid so far. It's pretty clear that none of the other political parties can play this kind of drama and impact the emotional side of masses. So, we have to admit, when it comes to masses, he will obviously have a definitive edge.

Few key SC/ST and BC leaders meeting in Vizag

Prakriti team member from Vizag just tipped a word on a meeting by key SC/ST and OBC leaders in Visakhapatnam to discuss on their political strategy, in view of the new opportunities for those communities in the current political scenario.

Stay tuned for an exclusive coverage of that meeting, shortly here. (Meeting is expected to be completed in another 45 minutes)


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