Politics: Change of Equations for Congress, Fresh search of Winning Horses Begins

While many Congress leaders earlier declared, there would be no effect of Chiranjeevi's party on Congress, the Chief Minister YSR takes it very seriously. YSR is reportedly conducting an internal survey afresh to identify 'Winning Horses' and removing those with improbable chances against fighting in the new political climate.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy has dropped hints that some Ministers in the Cabinet as also many Congress legislators may not get party ticket in the next elections as their “prospects of winning are bleak.”

Dr. Reddy told the Ministers at a Cabinet meeting on Saturday about the inevitability of change in guard in the constituencies where the Congress was likely to suffer reverses. “There are MLAs who cannot secure even a second place in their constituencies,” he reportedly said.

The atmosphere was positive for the Congress in a majority of the constituencies and the Congress would “bet on the winning horses”.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh News : Change of Cong. candidates hinted at

Samskriti team pointed out the inevitable 'Caste' and 'Mass' factor that will play a key role in upcoming elections and every political party need a more dramatic and aggressive candidate now, even to compete at a level. Jagriti team reminds that Congress is now in a much 'richer' state and Chiranjeevi coming afresh into politics, would mean we will 'huge bundles of money' being spent  in the upcoming elections.


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