Politics : 33% Reservations for BCs in Assembly and LokSabha

We recently wrote that 'more reservations' are on the way : Politics : More Reservations On The Way in Andhra Pradesh ...! and followed up in a couple of days with another announcement Politics : Kapu students to get Govt. Benefits on par with BCs.

Well, it doesn't stop there.  Here is another, that offers 33% reservation in Assembly and Lok Sabha to BCs, that will soon officially include Kapu community.

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution unanimously requesting the Centre to amend the Constitution to provide 33.3 per cent reservation for the Backward Classes (BCs) in the Assembly and Lok Sabha.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh News : 33 p.c. BCs quota sought in A.P.

We don't understand. Reservations are brought in by B.R. Ambedkar to uplift and involve those who are socially out casted by so called forward caste groups.

Why don't Political parties take an affirmative action instead?

Now, by recommending 33% reservation for BCs, does all the political parties in Andhra Pradesh confirm that they are socially out casting BC community? If they do, why don't they proactively go ahead and involve BC community in their parties. Why do they need some one to impose a restriction or reservation?  If they believe, BCs are not well represented, its in their OWN hands to correct it. Why not correct it?

Are BCs oppressed because of their caste groups?

What the bill says is, "We still believe in our caste systems. We still continue to oppress people from BCs. We don't believing in giving them any seats in our political party. But we want their votes. So we send this bill to Apex body and see what happens. BCs will be thankful to us for doing this, and we can get away not giving them seats, NOW. "


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