Infrastructure : AP not to acquire land for private sector projects

Read this welcome news with a pinch of salt. 

Taking a U-turn from its original industrial policy, the Andhra Pradesh government has decided not to acquire land for the purpose of facilitating private sector.

"We have enough land and decided not to acquire any more land for the purpose of private sector," D Prasada Rao, state's revenue minister told the media. For the last four years, the State government had participated in acquiring land for the benefit of industry despite criticism from the Opposition parties.

The decision was taken by Chief Minister Rajasekhara Reddy a couple of days back after interacting with various related departments and function heads.

Rao said that the decision will hold all the industrial and infrastructure projects proposed in the future and those projects which were approved will continue as per sanctions. In effect, the decision will not hit already approved projects, he clarified.

He further said that the coastal corridor project, which was already taken up, will not be shelved. "The 138 km road corridor will be taken up as per schedule and the land owners who lost their land will be compensated on the lines of ORR at Hyderabad," Rao said. The compensation scheme is being worked out, which will be announced shortly, he added.

AP not to acquire land for private projects - The Financial Express


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