Why Buy Prius? Convert Your Corolla in to An Electric


Quite interesting idea, to convert an existing Corolla into a hybrid. This for sure will save a lot of resources than building a new one from scratch. Apply the same idea to all cars, you don't have to buy a new car to become eco-friendly. Just buy the conversion kit and get it installed. Cool !!

Converting standard Corollas into electric cars
Sähköautot–Nyt! (Finnish for Electric Cars–Now!) is taking an innovative approach to getting more electric-powered vehicles on the road. The Finnish not-for-profit group, which calls itself an open-source electric vehicle community, wants to sign up 500 or more buyers for its first proposed model. Instead of building a car from scratch, they’ll retro-fit existing Toyota Corollas. At a volume of 500+, the cost of acquiring and converting used, petrol-powered vehicles to run on rechargeable lithium batteries will be on par with the cost of purchasing a standard internal combustion engine Corolla off the lot, and saves the energy needed to manufacture a new hybrid or electric car.

At this point, this is only available in Finland. But its so cool idea, it might catch up everywhere.

(Picture Credit : Corolla on left by misocrazy at  Flickr and Prius on right by Beige Alert at Flickr)


Zubin Kabraji said…
For Gaod's sake - bring this to India - fast !
mike di rienzo said…
i would be interested in converting my 1999 corrolla

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